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September 8, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Your Business-Oriented Guide to Web Hosting Solutions

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Are you in need of faster and more secure services for your website? If you are, you need to look into web hosting for your online business. It enables you to keep your site live for as many customers to see. Think of web hosting as a rented lot for you to build your home. What then should you take note of when looking for a hosting provider? 

This article will take you through what you need to know as a business owner when it comes to web hosting. We will first talk about the basic criteria of choosing a web hosting provider, then present you with the popular web hosting options that most businesses nowadays go for. 

The Basics of Choosing a Web Hosting Service 

Take note of the following details you need to know before you choose any web hosting service: 

1. Make your business goals clear 

Businesses nowadays use websites to make lucrative sales. In fact, many no longer have any physical stores. This is because most modern sellers can conveniently communicate with their customers online. At times, it is even cheaper to run a fully online business operation. 

Investing in web hosting services is a great way for you to keep your online business running smoothly and professionally. You can provide more with wider storage space and different web development options. Web hosting allows you to easily expand and reach out to as many customers, according to the limits of your chosen hosting package. 

Making your business goals clear will help you better define what kind of web hosting you need, and IT experts can also provide valuable advice. You need to be in the know of at least the basics, like your web traffic data, online sales projections, and the types of services you offer on your website. 

2. Take note of the bandwidth, uptime, storage space  

Web hosting solutions often define the bandwidth, uptime, and storage space. This means you at least need to know the basic definitions of these details so you can look into the budgeting aspect of your online business. 

Bandwidth refers to the data amount that you are cleared to transfer from your webserver to the host and vice versa. Your needs will depend on the files you upload on your website. The uptime rate refers to how long your website is running for users to see. Storage space relates to the number of flies that your host can store for your website. These are the basic and crucial details that you need to take into account when you compare web hosting services.  

Popular Web Hosting Options for Businesses

Pick between the possible hosting options that you may get for your business: 

  • WordPress Hosting: This is one of the more popular hosting services for small businesses because you can start free with WordPress. It’s also great for building a blog tailored to maximize SEO. Consider WordPress hosting if you currently have a site or are considering building a new one. 
  • Dedicated Hosting: More experienced and medium businesses go for dedicated hosting for their online business. This is because it lets them have full administrative control over their website. Small businesses may also look into this too but may have to go through a learning curve with web development. 
  • VPS Hosting: Most up-and-coming businesses get VPS since it is a more affordable option compared to dedicated hosting. You will have to share the same server with other websites, but you will have specific tools that only you can use. It’s a great middle-ground for most online businesses. 


Modern businesses consider web hosting as foundational to gain easy success through online sales. They are mostly after the business expansion benefits, security, and professional services offered. Therefore, consider web hosting today as an investment in your business’s growth and scalability. 

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