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April 25, 2022 by Tanya Aquino

5 Benefits Of Using Dedicated Servers Over Shared Servers


Not all people are familiar with the concept of a dedicated server. As such, when looking for one, they may end up picking a plan, such as a shared server, that compromises quality and performance despite being incredibly cheap. Disappointment soon follows as they see the server plan not being able to meet their needs, driving them away from better plans.

Since you’re reading this, though, you’re aware that there’s such a thing as a dedicated server. Now, you might be wondering what advantages it offers over its shared siblings. Well, here are the benefits of opting for dedicated servers:

1. Better Performance

Dedicated servers are designed to meet the specific requirements of one or a few clients. This means there are no other clients on the server at the time you’re working, and this affects performance. A huge benefit is that your website or application will not be affected by a sudden influx of users or heavy traffic, as would be the case with a shared server.

2. No Server Overload

Because there are no other clients on the server, it’s not affected by load spikes. This means there’s no chance of a server crashing because of a sudden influx of visitors. 

This is unlike shared servers, where the server’s resources are already being used by other individuals on the same plan. Add this to the influx of visitors, a shared server’s drop in performance can severely hamper your visitors’ website experience.

3. Flexibility

The main benefit of a dedicated server is the flexibility it provides. You can essentially do anything you want to the server because there’s no one else using it at the same time. If you want to change anything, like the operating system or the webserver, you can do that without asking the web host.

With a shared plan, however, there’s not much space to wiggle around. You’re already limited to the tiny resources you’re given, so if you want to expand or change anything, you might need to switch plans completely.

4. Freedom

There’s also freedom when it comes to the hardware used for the server. In addition to being able to control the operating system, you can also choose the server hardware, including the processor, RAM, and storage.

On a shared server, you can do none of that. You’re stuck with what’s given, and that isn’t a good thought to have, especially if you’re planning to grow.

5. Complete Control

Another benefit of a dedicated server is the complete control it offers. You’re free to install the components you want and configure them the way you want to. This is because you’re the only one using the server.

Using a shared server, there’s not much you can do to reconfigure or adapt the server to your needs. That’s because other people are also using the server, so the server is set and fixed in such a way to meet everyone’s needs and not yours in particular.


When it comes to the web hosting industry, there’s an obvious difference between shared and dedicated servers. Both types come with their own benefits, which is why you can’t blame individuals who end up picking an inferior plan. However, it’s important to know the advantages offered by a dedicated server. The more you know about it, the better your chances of picking a better plan!

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