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What is Uptime?

Uptime measures how long your site or server is operating and available to users. Many web hosting providers will provide you with an SLA (service level agreement) which gives you a certain level of guaranteed site/server availability. If your site is down or inaccessible often, it may be that your hosting provider is not providing you with the correct site/server availability.

To calculate Uptime with the IO Zoom SLA Uptime Calculator, you only have to input your website or server’s downtime and select whether this is a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly amount. The Uptime calculator will provide your uptime results as a percentage.

Uptime and Downtime Calculation

If you’d like to know how our SLA Uptime Calculator computes your site or server’s uptime, here are some of the formulas we use:

Downtime = 100% – Uptime

Consider the following example:

You want to know how many seconds your site or server is available in a week. If your site was active and accessible the entire week, this would be 100% of the seconds in a week.

To determine the number of seconds in a week, remember that

60 seconds = 1 minute

60 minutes = 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day

7 days = 1 week

When you multiply these numbers together, you get the number of seconds for a given week.

60 * 60 * 24 * 7 = 604,800 seconds

Let’s say your SLA site uptime is 99.9%. To find out how many seconds your site/server was available, you multiply this uptime by the number of seconds in a week.

99.9% * 604,800 = 604,195.50 seconds

In this example, your site was available 604,195.5 seconds out of the total 604,800 seconds in a week. If you divide these numbers, you will see that your site is receiving the correct SLA level of availability.

604,195.5 / 604,800 = 99.9%


Why Server Uptime Matters

It is very important that your website or server is up and active most of the time. This will help to keep your site visitors happy. When your site or server experiences downtime and technical issues, it can hurt your business and reputation, and possibly annoy and frustrate people who are trying to access your site or server.

Uptime SLA Calculator

With IO Zoom Uptime SLA Calculator you can quickly and accurately find out how often your website or server is available and accessible to site users. Our uptime SLA calculator is a tool that will calculate how often your site is up and available to your site users. The output will show your website or server uptime as a percentage of total uptime.

Need to know your site or server’s uptime? With our SLA uptime calculator you can know how long your site or server is up and accessible to site users.