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April 26, 2022 by Kiet Duong

HostAdvice Research – Can IO Zoom Take Advantage of the Rising Popularity of Windows VPS?

IO Zoom is a U.S. – based company located in Houston, Texas. It has been around since 2015, and it offers Linux, Windows, Wordpress, Forex, and Managed Cloud VPS. So, IO Zoom’s focus is on VPS services and becoming the top global VPS hosting provider. 

But why is this provider so focused on VPS hosting? Well, windows VPS services have been steadily climbing the popularity ladder in recent years. Also, a VPS allows businesses to upgrade from basic hosting features to resources, enabling you to deploy full websites and e-commerce models without paying the higher costs of a dedicated server. What’s more, you can use a windows VPS for a lot of things. But more on that later. 

IO Zoom’s focus on VPS-based services has made it a competent and top competitor in the increasingly popular VPS market for windows. It has the experience and the resources to meet the rising demand for windows VPS. But, their experience and speed are what stand out most. Those two features give IO Zoom the upper hand and the rare opportunity to be the leading provider in a growing market. But, don’t worry, we’ll get into more details about that later. First, I would like to share a bit about our users’ experience with IO Zoom.

IO Zoom has received quite a few reviews at HostAdvice, and the final tally looks excellent for the provider. Namely, our users rate IO Zoom as “Superb,” with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Sure, not every single review is positive, but the better majority of them are. HostAdvice users really seem to like IO Zoom’s customer support and services. Also, speed and performance are features that have received a lot of praise. Judging by the reviews, many of our users share our opinion about how IO Zoom stands out on the VPS market. Namely, they deem the provider as an excellent VPS for sophisticated users. Also, a lot of reviews end with our users recommending the provider.

Why Is Windows VPS Becoming More Popular?

Nowadays, Windows VPS is becoming one of the most popular pieces of software for businesses out there. One of the reasons is that a Windows VPS allows users to configure the servers to do almost anything they want. A Windows VPS is able to host a wide range of different services and applications. Also, it is highly functional and practical for the development and testing of software. 

But, let’s dig deeper. Namely, let’s explore some of the many different uses of a Windows VPS, and maybe we’ll understand why Windows VPS is rising in popularity. 

One of the most popular uses for a Windows VPS is running special email servers. Special email servers allow users to have direct control over multiple email services. Also, a Windows VPS uses special encryption software that provides a safer and more secure email environment. Thus, many high-profile businesses use a Windows VPS as their mail server nowadays. 

Another widespread use of a Windows VPS is for backups. As you might know, having backup options is essential for any business, especially if the worst happens and you experience a system failure. A Windows VPS keeps a selection of redundant copies of multiple backups in many different physical locations worldwide. Thus, if push comes to shove, you will be able to recover your files and data easily, and you will also be sure that your data isn’t going anywhere. 

We all know, and many of us use applications like Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, to name a few. Well, with a Windows VPS, you can host all of the mentioned applications and more.

Since the pandemic hit, millions of people have turned to online gaming as a pass time. I know I have. Thus, online gaming has become even more popular than before, and with a Windows VPS, you can host multiplayer games. 

Where Does IO Zoom Hosting Stand Regarding Windows VPS?

With its claws inserted pretty deep in the VPS hosting world, IO Zoom has the experience and expertise to be the top Windows VPS hosting provider. All of its services are already fully optimized and VPS-focused, so if you choose IO Zoom as your Windows VPS provider, you will be getting a service tailor-made for your needs.

Also, you can choose from seven data center locations. The locations of Windows VPS data centers at IO Zoom include Los Angeles, U.S.A, Dallas, U.S.A., Chicago, U.S.A, Frankfurt, Germany, Atlanta, U.S.A, New Jersey, U.S.A., and London, United Kingdom. Also, before choosing a data center location, customers can test the speed of the data center of their choosing on IO Zoom’s website. 

With your Windows VPS and any other VPS plan, you will get bandwidth allotments, DDoS protection, RAM options, storage/disk space, and CPU options. 

[Warning] Some of the features mentioned above may not be included in all plans. [Warning] 

What’s best, IO Zoom offers a wide range of VPS plans to choose from already. Whether it’s Windows VPS you want or any other VPS-based hosting, you got it at IO Zoom.

Namely, IO Zoom allows you to choose from nine different Windows VPS plans. And all of them come with unmetered bandwidth. Thus, you won’t need a high budget to get started with your Windows VPS journey. Everything will depend on your needs and your needs only. 

With IO Zoom, you can choose from Windows 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, and Windows 10 for your Windows VPS. So, the provider already has many options and has enough experience with Windows VPS and VPS, in general, to know what customers might need. And, it has tailored its plans and services to the many different needs a customer might have. 

IO Zoom also offers some addons for Windows VPS, like Plesk, Dedicated IP, Extra RDP, and MSSQL web edition. 

Some Information About HostAdvice

HostAdvice has been around since 2014 with the purpose of helping people worldwide to make decisions on web hosting services. It is an unbiased engine that compares web hosting providers based on user reviews. At the moment, HostAdvice has over 4,000 active web host company review pages based on more than 65,000 user reviews. 

A large number of businesses around the world have mover online in order to survive the COVID-19 outbreak. And HostAdvice has helped many of them to find the most reliable and functional hosting solution available. 

We have seen a significant rise in inquiries thanks to our strong recommendation system. Aside from many businesses from all around the globe reaching out to us to find out which providers offer the best price and reliability, they have also reached out before subscribing to any plan to find out if they are choosing a provider that truly suits their needs. Also, thanks to our outstanding comparison engine and our excellent support service, we have gained the trust of many people and companies from all over. So, 2020 was not as bad for us here at HostAdvice, since it was a splendid year for our line of business. 

Not only do we have user reviews, but we also provide numerous hosting guides and reviews here at HostAdvice. Our team of experts writes all of our content, and they have years of experience in the industry to back them up. Also, our team of experts can provide you with all of the steps you need to take to find the best provider at the most reasonable price. And, if you should need them, we have a significant number of how-to articles which relate to technical topics. You can also find interviews with the top professionals of different hosting companies at HostAdvice. They provide insights of great value into the present and future of the hosting world. 

A Few Last Words

It is clear that Windows VPS is a popular solution for many businesses and individuals, whether it is used for email services, gaming, hosting applications, or any other thing that you can do with its help. What’s more, Windows VPS is not going anywhere. Since it allows businesses and individuals to do a vast number of things, we will be seeing it a lot more in the future. 

All of that must be music to the ears of IO Zoom’s team since this provider is excellent for Windows VPS. It already has significant experience and expertise in the field and has an exceptional gauge of what customers might need for their Windows VPS. Whether it’s a small plan with standard features or a large plan with a lot of tools and options, IO Zoom has it all. That is why it stands out and is ready to meet the rising popularity of Windows VPS head-on! So, you can be sure that IO Zoom is meeting the increased demand and popularity for Windows VPS with a high level of readiness and years of preparation.





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