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June 16, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Why Your Site Needs VPS Hosting? – What to Know

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For businesses to maximize sales, they need websites that are easily accessible. Speed and ease of use are critical to a user’s positive experience. If you are regularly experiencing downtime and connectivity issues when it comes to your site, it might be time to switch to a VPS hosting plan. 

What is VPS hosting?

Before we can understand VPS hosting, first, we need to differentiate between other types of hosting, such as shared hosting and cloud hosting. 

Shared hosting is the type of hosting used by most sites who are just starting out, like small businesses and beginner bloggers, which don’t require a lot of bandwidth. It works by splitting a physical server among several thousand clients and using a shared operating system. 

One server can host multiple websites, so memory capacity and cpu are limited. If one site receives a spike in traffic, it may overwhelm the server and cause it to slow down. Shared hosting is low-cost and low-maintenance and doesn’t require extensive experience in web programming.

While shared hosting splits a single physical piece of hardware, cloud hosting, on the other hand, shares copies of files on a cluster or network of many servers. If one server on the cloud is overwhelmed by user demand, it can distribute files onto multiple servers. This makes cloud hosting reliable and there’s almost no downtime. Most cloud hosting offers lightning-fast download speeds, allowing more traffic to access your site and improving its performance.

Because of the need for more secure and stable hosting services, VPS hosting is now an increasingly popular choice. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Unlike shared hosting, these VPS servers can use their own custom operating system, allowing for better resource management and flexibility by the site owner. It doesn’t yet match the reliability of cloud hosting, but it is a more customizable option than shared hosting.

VPS hosting can be a budding business’s next step after it grows out of the resource limits of shared hosting. Upgrading to a VPS server gives you access to more memory, storage, and CPU without a significant increase in costs. 

As VPS hosting plans are typically scalable and customizable to your needs, you can select a plan that gives you the amount of CPU speed, your choice of an operating system, and whether you’d like it managed, or you’ll do it yourself.

Who needs VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a great option for site owners who experience medium to high traffic and who need fast speed and reliability. It is particularly crucial if you are handling sensitive data or facilitating e-payments, such as in the case of eCommerce sites. 

Those running budding eCommerce websites can benefit from the versatility of a VPS plan by starting out small and adding resources as their business grows. Other sites like game servers and other media-heavy sites like galleries and portfolios can also benefit from a VPS plan.

Features to look for

If you’ve decided that VPS hosting is the right fit for your business, be sure to compare pricing plans and the features that they offer. Some companies offer managed hosting. They can run diagnostics, handle server uptime, take care of backing up and caching your files, and provide you with 24/7 support. If you’re not web-savvy, look for a provider that can take care of the technical side for you. 

You should check if a provider can offer you the option of a cloud backup solution. Regularly saving a backup on the cloud can protect your data in case of a disaster. Ask a potential provider what type of security measures they can include in your plan.

There are many competitive hosting plans being offered in the market today. What’s important is you find the right plan that fits your present business needs. If you’re not too familiar with the technicalities of web hosting, you can consult an experienced professional who can help get you started. 

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