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August 2, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated WordPress Host

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WordPress was the inevitable progression of the earliest website-making platforms, such as Geocities and Angelfire. So many site creators and developers started here, and many have stayed with WordPress.

Those running regular and professional websites can advance their level by using a virtual private server or VPS hosting for the security and advanced level extra features you can’t get on standard WordPress site hosting.

Today we’ll tackle some pointers on getting dedicated hosting services. A secure VPS host can help your budding site grow and level with professional sites.

Exclusive Hosting Features

WordPress has an easy-to-use dashboard and all the basic layout and site creation tools. But it is only limited in server capabilities—only suitable for small, independent startup sites on their servers. Here are the main reasons why this limitation will affect your site’s growth.

Site Security

In many WordPress comments sections, commenters have asked what the site host used is. Many fear losing the site content for some reason. We can backup our sites and save them elsewhere, but even backups may be lost or corrupted.

Site security hassles are easy for premium hosting since it has automated backup features. It keeps the most recent version ready for site restorations or other backup problems. Keeping sites safe from hacking or errors is much easier with competent VPS hosting services.

Cloud-Based Data Protection

WordPress uses a shared server, just like many other websites. Your data is more vulnerable in this kind of host server setting. Problems such as malware, data breaches, and unauthorized access on any of the other sites will affect yours. Hosting issues can also cause errors on your site.

Your site is safer with a secure VPS host under your control. The site will remain unaffected by errors and security issues.

High Performance

Active sites with heavy traffic and online purchases can slow down when the WP servers are overloaded or are also engaged with other heavy traffic. User experience quality will go down and can affect your ranking in addition to your regular users. Another issue is server downtimes, which means further lost earnings from selling and advertising.

We recommend a VPS as soon as possible if you want to remain steady. Downtimes are less likely in a dedicated server since your date will remain stable in the Cloud. In addition to exclusive server hosts, all WP updates run automatically to handle the most up-to-date changes to elements and plugins.

Final Thoughts

It’s your site’s time to evolve. But that will not happen on a regular WordPress server. You will be under the mercy of a public server without your control and security protocols. Any errors or site issues on their end will also end up on your site, causing hosting issues and slow sites—lost cash for businesses.

The best decision is to use a virtual private server to let you focus on your site. IO Zoom will handle the VPS hosting to keep your site secure and updated with competitive plans and pricing available. We’re just a message away for better site performance.





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