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December 28, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Why the Security of Your Email Should Not Be Ignored

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Cybersecurity is a complex structure that involves several forms of network security. One of these branches is email security. Unfortunately, many companies and organizations have a tendency to overlook email security’s overall importance until it is much too late. This often manifests in the form of not bothering to get additional email protection until there is a security breach.

Email Security

With the advent of technology’s modernization, the risks also get higher. There is a multitude of cyber threats, such as social attacks, which end up targeting companies and organizations through communication channels that include email. A good example are phishing emails, which end up misleading users until they willingly share incredibly sensitive information, approve invoices that are fake, or even download malware that can affect and infect the entirety of your network.

A single person’s email account being compromised can set off in ripples. The hackers will then be able to use that to forward phishing emails to the hacked person’s contacts, posing as that person to gain trust and continue their attack. In case a particularly private or valuable email account is taken over, or if a recipient with certain reach or weight falls for the trick, the ensuing data breach could end up costing damages that range in the millions. According to the study Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach, that amount was a staggering $3.9 million in 2019.

Basic email protection like using a secure VPS can actually do a lot in terms of thwarting security threats, especially those that use the compromise of the email accounts of a company or organization as leverage.


Of course, in order to protect oneself against security threats to your email, it’s vital to know what these are to begin with. Quite a number of them exist, but there are several that are and rather dangerous. These are the ones that you and your team should watch out for the most, as your email security could be seriously endangered:

  • Phishing – techradar.com statistics show that a minimum of 3.4 billion fake emails are sent daily. These are all connected to a phishing scam being carried out. If only for this information alone, email security’s importance should very clearly be priority.
  • Spear Phishing – A rather particular kind of phishing, spear phishing is a very concentrated and meticulously customized attack. The target is usually a singular person, company, or organization. When this is in use, the style and tone of the company or organization are mimicked. Their letterhead and logo also come into play; there is even a large possibility of an email domain that can dupe the official one being put to use


Email security can make all the difference in terms of your private information and even your hardware’s safety. Ultimately, it is very important to start from the basics, such as looking into VPS hosting and moving from there. There are several ways to increase your email’s security, such as scanning attachments with anti-malware or antivirus software before downloading them. 

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