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July 15, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

What to Consider When You Get VPS for Your WordPress Site

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Having a Virtual Private Server or a VPS for your WordPress site is a highly preferred technological solution when you want to grow your online business. It allows your website to scale alongside your brand, particularly when you start receiving more traffic.

It does this by removing the limitations inherent to shared hosting. It also comes with other advantages that could prove to be beneficial.

However, before you buy a VPS for your business, you need to take a few things into consideration so that you can make the best decision. Here are a few to keep in mind:

1. Consider the current volume of website traffic

Having a lot of customers visiting your WordPress site means that your online business is growing. That also means you have to make a quick transition to expand the capacity of your website. When you get VPS, you make this possible.

This is a common occurrence for most businesses with WordPress blogs that sell high-quality products. They start small on WordPress, and then suddenly, their business starts to experience higher demand. While they may keep up with the demand for products, their website might struggle to cope with the increased traffic. Thus, a VPS will help more customers find their way to the site and buy all the products they want.

Consider the current amount of traffic that your WordPress site is getting. This will help you in deciding the appropriate VPS package.

2. Consider scaling your WordPress site

Aside from the current website traffic, getting a VPS also requires you to consider scaling or what your online business will look like when it starts to grow. This is because you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a VPS that may no longer host your future website traffic.

The case of most VPS packages is you treat it like a subscription. You may be locked into it for a month or a year. There are some VPS packages that are more flexible, but you may have to pay extra.

Consider a VPS that can keep up with the scaling of your business. In this way you won’t encounter any problems with hosting multiple WordPress visitors in the future. Additionally, review your VPS package when the subscription ends to decide whether you want to upgrade it or not.

3. Consider the security of your customers

This is a common problem with WordPress. Because it’s mostly free, your site may be hacked, and you can easily lose your data. This is particularly dangerous if you store customer information on your site. This, too, can be hacked, and you risk the security of your customers for which you will be held liable.

A secure VPS is just the solution you need to keep your WordPress site protected. It gives you a private server that is just for you and your customers. This allows you to safely transact online with them. Additionally, you can be provided with safety assistance or technical support that may come with your VPS package. This translates to a customer-friendly WordPress site and a trustworthy online brand.


When you get a VPS for your WordPress site, you have better control of your site than you had before. It allows you to better serve your customers safely and conveniently. Overall, getting a VPS will help you grow more legitimately as a brand.

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