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January 22, 2021 by Kiet Duong

What is a Forex VPS?

what is a forex vps

A forex VPS is another tool that forex traders use to improve their trading.

A VPS is a virtual private server that replicates the functions and capabilities of a physical  server. It allows forex traders to host their own trading software for 24 hour operations.

Your forex trading software such as MetaTrader4 will be hosted on a server with other customers however since its on a VPS, it will be isolated and will have better latency. A VPS has its own operating system, memory, storage, and monthly bandwidth limits.

How Does a VPS Work for Forex Traders?

Many retail forex traders use their VPS to connect to their forex trading platform, such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and cTrader. The forex trader will work with their forex broker. The software is licensed to the brokers who provide it to their clients. MetaTrader4, and platforms like it, allow users to see live streaming prices and charts, to execute trades, and to manage accounts.

Why Do Forex Traders Choose To Use a VPS?

An important reason why traders choose a VPS is the price. Server costs are a complicated subject. Institutional traders have plenty of funds set aside for their server costs. This enables institutions to have the fastest speeds and the most support when it comes to online trading.

However, many forex traders cannot afford the fees that the institutions pay. Because of the growth of forex trading, there has been an increased demand for better servers for trading platforms.

Although the price of a VPS is lower than a traditional private dedicated server, there’s no loss in quality. IO Zoom provide access to servers that are similar in level to those used by institutional traders, with a significantly lower price.

The benefits of VPS go beyond price. VPS provide the necessary speed, accuracy, and stability that today’s trading software requires. When it comes to trading, server stability is a key factor. With a VPS, trades can still happen even if there’s a power outage at your location or if your computer is turned off. A VPS also allows traders to always maintain a consistent, uninterrupted connection to the markets.

Speed is also a crucially important factor to consider. A VPS can execute your trades more quickly than a computer that’s just connected to the internet. It is significantly faster in transmitting orders because of the VPS’ improved latency. The closer your VPS is to the broker’s server location, the lower the latency resulting in faster trades.

If you choose to use a managed VPS, you also won’t have to worry about security. By choosing a managed VPS we will secure it and install antivirus and firewall software to ensure that your trades are well protected.

Why Should You Sign Up With IO Zoom for Your Trading Needs?

IO Zoom offers lightning fast, secure, and stable Windows VPS options. Our plans range from 2 to 64GB of memory and all come with unmetered bandwidth.

We also offer 6 different datacenter locations for the best latency so you can execute your trades more quickly. Additionally there are many other reasons to choose IO Zoom as your forex VPS provider:

  • All of our drives are SSD, which mean we offer better reliability and faster performance. This results in faster forex trading for you.
  • Every day we perform an off-server back up for free. In case there’s a failure, you can rest easy knowing that your forex VPS has been backed up.
  • Every forex trading VPS includes up to 20 Gbps DDoS mitigation, which helps keep your VPS server online during attacks.
  • If you don’t receive 100% network uptime each month, you can request a SLA credit.
  • IO Zoom offers low latency datacenters in the US and UK for you to choose fro to ensure your connection is as fast as possible.
  • Your plan includes an activated Windows server license for 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, or Windows 10.
  • Our customers are more than satisfied with our service and support.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to your forex trading platform. The speed, stability, and accuracy of your server are all extremely important. Don’t let your trades become a victim of slow technology. Use a Windows VPS to make sure your trading is as fast as possible.





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