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November 22, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

VPS Hosting: Is It the Right Choice for Your Business?

VPS Hosting

Businesses that want to gain traction in digital spaces need to develop a website for their brand. However, this comes with several key requirements. Hiring a team that has copywriters, marketing managers, web developers, and more, are just the tip of the iceberg. However, all these crucial decisions will pale in comparison to choosing your hosting service.

Your top two options for hosting websites are usually between shared or dedicated web hosting services. For startups, it’s ideal to go for shared web hosting with its lower subscription costs. However, it comes with several disadvantages in scope and bandwidth capacity. On the other hand, dedicated web hosting services can be too expensive, even with its viability for growing companies. For businesses that want to have a little bit of both, they can opt for a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

The advantage of choosing VPS hosting

A VPS is a middle option for businesses that want to get the best of shared and dedicated web hosting services. As its name implies, virtual private servers give you more variability if you don’t want to start with shared hosting’s base features. It’s for users who wish to have customized business management solutions while simultaneously catering to their customers’ growing needs.

If you want to understand why it’s the better option for your business, here are three benefits of VPS hosting you should know:

1. Dedicated IT support

One feature you should focus on when looking for web hosting providers is the quality of your provider’s online performance. It’s common for customers to develop cart abandonment habits when they receive interruptions with their transactions.

Whether they’re entering their shipping details or interacting with your sales reps through live chat, network disruptions can cost you their loyalty. With VPS servers, you get better online and offline performance with on-call IT personnel to immediately handle your concerns.

2. Cost-efficiency in scaling your operations

Thinking about your business’s long-term goals will help you decide whether shared or dedicated hosting is best for you. Instead of focusing on the cost of these services, it’s best to weigh what you will gain in terms of value.

VPS services are generally more expensive with shared hosting for good reason. It’s reasonably cheaper than dedicated server hosting but gives you plenty of features for scalability. You receive all the technical needs of dedicated hosting at an affordable rate. Additionally, you can scale up your business’s operational needs with more flexibility instead of locking into a strict subscription package.

3. Increased control in implementing software installations

The issue with having too much freedom on dedicated servers is that you won’t have any guidelines on managing your digital infrastructure. In contrast, shared hosting services often keep you in the dark with restricted access to different resources to integrate into your sites.

Your VPS provider gives you full control on accessing resources for software, without the interruption of software downloads or interferences from control panel applications. Even though you have freedom, professional IT experts can still respond to your queries and requests for more seamless management of your sites.


With any decision concerning your company, it’s necessary to factor in the scalability of your purchase. You wouldn’t purchase an office that you can’t renovate and extend into a larger space. Similarly, you shouldn’t invest in web hosting servers that will limit your business’s capacity to grow in the future. For this reason, looking for VPS hosting services is the best option for your brand’s expansion to its later years.

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