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January 11, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

Virtual Private Servers: How Can They Protect Your Business?


As the digital world grows even more advanced with new strategies and different technological advancements coming out monthly, the most prevalent development small businesses need to be aware of is the presence of online threats. 

Although hackers, phishers, and cybercrime perpetrators have been around since the beginning of the Internet, they’ve become an even bigger threat today. Evolving along with approaches and technological developments, today’s cybercriminals have been able to close the gap between themselves and anti-cybercrime measures by increasing in number and sophistication. 

The main takeaway from all this is that it’s far more critical to protect oneself online than ever before!

The growing threat of being online (and one solution that can help)

In today’s world, where traditional cybersecurity systems fall behind in terms of adapting to changes, businesses are now more vulnerable to being cybercrime victims than ever before.

Today, it isn’t unheard of to see all sorts of news reports of businesses—both small and big—experiencing tremendous losses after perpetrators compromised their systems and cybersecurity measures. However, most cases of cybersecurity breaches are indiscriminate because most online criminals attack anyone, even firms that have barely started.

At this point, it is safe to say that it is critical to start protecting oneself with all the right measures while constantly working to remain as secure as possible online. Regardless of the type of attack thrown at your business, having the right measures is an utmost requirement instead of a mere luxury because of the high risks.

While there may be different solutions that you can use to combat the widespread threat of online attacks, there’s one key tool that you can use: Virtual private servers.

What are virtual private servers?

Virtual private servers—such as those provided by IO Zoom—are dedicated servers offered by an Internet hosting service. Through the help of this solution, businesses are capable of running more secure approaches to handling their information by having their own operating system for added safety. In fact, these operating systems are on the same physical server as a number of other virtual private servers that belong to different businesses or entities that have their own secure pieces of software.

How can a VPS combat growing cyber threats?

Generally, there are multiple reasons you should invest in using a VPS to keep your business as secure as possible against increasing cyber threats, such as: 

  • Unhampered security: The foremost benefit of using a virtual private server for your business is that you open up many opportunities to keep your business as secure as possible. Compared to traditional set-ups, where other users can have their hands on your sensitive information with simple access points, this solution allows you to keep your data private while restricting access!
  • Improved reliability: Instead of working with a traditional shared server that can bog down and leave you stranded even though you need to access your data immediately, a VPS helps ensure that you can work without interruptions. This experience is attained through the fact that such servers allow users to run their programs independently, leading to an isolated experience that offers better results!


No matter how big or small your company may be or what industry you operate in, you should invest in the necessary infrastructure improvements that will keep you safe online, especially when it comes to VPSs. With the help of the solution in question, you can get a leg up on the cybercriminals while reinforcing your online safety without any apprehensions or hold-ups! 

We specialize in providing world-class hosting solutions for websites all over the US, Amsterdam, and the UK, with eight different data centers scattered across the globe. With our VPS online solution in place, you can do what’s best for your business’s safety by outfitting it with top-notch measures. Get in touch with our IT experts today to learn more about how you can experience top-level hosting!





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