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October 12, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Understanding the Relationship Between Your Email and VPS

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Like most business managers, you probably rely on your company email to send and receive messages. Nothing is more anxiety-inducing than a client demanding a response to an email you never received. 

If your website is already up and running on a VPS hosting service, transitioning your company email onto the same server is the next logical step. Despite previous forecasts that email would eventually become obsolete, it remains the preferred communication method for millions of departments across the U.S. 

Why You Should Have Your Email on VPS Hosting

Handling your email system in-house doesn’t take an extortionate amount of time or effort. Your primary task is to move systems onto your existing VPS platform to reap the following benefits. 

Total Privacy

Even with a password and two-factor authentication, your Google or Yahoo email is never truly private. Giving up your information puts you at the hands of third-party terms and services. Google will use your data to generate ad revenue, among other things. Plus, its privacy policy is often subject to change. 

Host providers aren’t likely to compile your data; thus, you won’t have to worry about a supreme digital entity snooping on your business correspondences. 

Robust Security

In most cases, privacy and security are the same. By handing your email over to a third company, you put yourself at as much risk of losing information if they experience a security breach. On a private server, you’re less likely to run into viruses or malware. 

Less Downtime 

Most private hosting services promise 99.9% uptime or higher—something big-name companies can’t offer at the same level. Remember, latency will determine whether a user is willing to wait for a response or become a statistic on your bounce rate. 

Nowadays, big brands are less likely to go down. Yet, they still pose a significant risk as hackers consider them more valuable targets. As such, the likelihood of experiencing a service disruption is higher with Google than with a private server. 

Better Branding

Something about [email protected] is less professional than [email protected]. Not only do you have greater access to your emails, particularly when an employee retires from your company, but it’s a way to give your brand name airtime. 

Suddenly, your brand appears more credible and consistent. An email address in your brand name can do more for exposure and recognition than you’d anticipate. A powerful brand identity is what makes you more accessible to consumers and likely to remain top-of-mind. 


While it’s certainly possible to request additional storage and features on your Google account, it isn’t nearly as flexible as what a private server can provide. If your business is expanding, you can scale your hosted plan accordingly instead of paying for what you don’t need. 


A VPS service helps your website run swiftly and efficiently. Pair that up with a VPS email system, and you can further improve functionality, security, uptime, and branding. 

You can start VPS web-hosting and email with I/O Zoom and expect your server to be up and running within just 48 hours. Our managed services support all Windows and Linux operating systems and provide 20 GBPS of DDoS protection.





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