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July 27, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Understanding Data Loss and Backup: Why it’s Important for Your Company

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Big technology firms and small businesses are not impervious to one thing: loss of valuable computer data. That is due to the growing misconception that technological advancement has led to data loss is virtually impossible. However, it is not the case because uncontrollable outside factors dare to prove this wrong.

Many US companies from across all businesses consider the necessity of technological solutions like cloud VPS and DDOS protection. Even government offices and other firms since computers are so central to most of the modern-day work. At the core of these solutions is data backup and recovery or having seamless and protected access to data due to loss.

This article looks into the primary factors why data backup and recovery are so important for any industry in 2020 and the benefits of investing in these technological solutions. It reiterates why investing in the right tech can save you a lot of money and avoid any further damages to your business.

The goal of this article is to gauge the general situation of your IT department in terms of security and convenience. Additionally, the availability of similarly compelling solutions like a secure VPS can streamline office computing and increase productivity.

Prime Culprits of Data Loss

The following list is the basic culprits of data loss in most businesses:

  • Overworked or Insecure Office Computers or Data Banks- Due to computing being largely prominent in completing basic tasks, the data space in computers can easily slow down the processors and lead to a decrease in productivity. These are also hotbeds for the sudden loss of data or the accidental misplacement of important files.
  • Sudden Computer Crashes- Although we wish that it wouldn’t happen, computers crash for unforeseen reasons, even if your computers are brand new or are still full of disk space. Most offices have then gone on to using solid-state drives (SSDs) for their computers just in case; however, these are not guarantees that the files are all safe.
  • Human Error/Theft- Common office mishaps and fraudulent acts of hacking and illegally storing of data are quite common. Encrypted data can also easily be accessed by more techno-savvy staff. Permanent data loss and misuse are the biggest issues here.
  • Emergency Situations- Disasters in the office, such as fires or storms, are inevitable in any workplace. The current pandemic and community lockdowns in the area prevent physical access to any data and the highest possible risk of losing it.

        Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery

        Now that you have been made aware of the common culprits of data loss, it’s time to look into the benefits of having a data backup and recovery plan for your business. Take note of the following benefits to help you contextualize the long-term investment and issuance policy that this service provides:

        • Assurance of Data – It is the first and foremost benefit that will save the trouble of any office dedicating days or even weeks of internal restructuring due to major office data loss. Relevant documents, such as financial records and executive files, being easily restored, is a crisis asserted. Plus, it allows for easy remote access of data from elsewhere when you get VPS or initiate cloud computing.
        • Security- Having a safety measure against cyber thieves and hackers is always a welcome addition to any office setting. Recovering and encrypting valuable office data will safeguard your business from attacks and also keep your employees safe.
        • Rising Industry Standard- Due to the many past incidents of data loss in many companies, the rising trend of technical solutions like a secure VPS or data backup and recovery have become regarded as a necessity for all businesses of any scale and industry. The welfare of the company and customer’s data is at stake here.


            The many risks of data loss largely outweigh the misinformed view of dismissing data backup and recovery as an extra expense. As we have discussed, its benefits in the uninterrupted stream of computing at work and avoiding major roadblocks are a necessity. Thus, reconsider your current IT situation in the office and get secure VPS and data backup services.

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