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December 28, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Top 5 Hosting Myths to Know Before Getting a Hosting Plan


VPS hosting is not an exemption to having misconceptions. Because it is a technical-heavy topic, people tend to believe everything they hear about it. Lack of information is the primary reason behind this. In this article, we collected the top myths we often hear people say about VPN, and we will tell you what you need to know about each of those misconceptions.

Myth 1: VPS hosting servers are too expensive

Indeed, VPS used to be costly, but it is no longer a truth right now. Search the internet, and you will find various businesses offering affordable basic VPS hosting services. You might need to invest more if your business needs to have some advanced features. But, generally, you will find the essential VPS package you need at a reasonable price. 

Myth 2: Only tech-savvy people will benefit from VPS hosting

Acquiring a VPS hosting service is one thing, and knowing how to manage it is another. Before you get one, you need to understand its basic concepts first. That way, you know when you are getting the full service that you are paying for. Moreover, VPS servers need maintenance, backups, and upgrades to function continuously. Lucky for you, finding the essential information you need can be easily done online. A quick search will lead you to easy tutorials that will equip you with everything you need to know.

However, it does not mean that you have no right to get one unless you understand everything about the technology. If you are not confident with your acquired knowledge, simply find a third-party host you can trust. They will take care of managing your server for you. 

Myth 3: VPS servers and cloud servers are the same

VPS servers and cloud servers can both host your website, but they are not the same. Cloud hosting is similar to the VPS hosting environment; however, instead of having a single dedicated server for your site, your resources are spread out among different physical machines. 

Technically, you will find a VPS server under a cloud server. In simple words, the VPS server cannot fully function without a cloud server. 

Myth 4: VPS hosting is prone to hacking

In general, VPS is supposed to be a highly secured server that will protect all your data, but the case will differ depending on your chosen provider and the type of security they can offer. Before you entrust your website to anyone, make sure to do your research first. Read the available reviews or ask your trusted friends for recommendations. 

Myth 5: VPS servers are all the same

VPS hosting comes in several packages to cater to different client needs, so no, they are not the same. Servers differ in storage capacity, bandwidth, and hosting provider. Each can affect the performance of your website. Before you commit to a particular package, make sure to choose the right one for your requirement. Consult with your hosting provider if you need recommendations, and make sure you understand everything before saying yes to the specs they offer. 


If it is your first time to invest in VPS, reading through the mentioned misconceptions is a great way to start. Now that you know the truth behind each myth, this new knowledge can help you make the right decision about what type of VPS server to get. 

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