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May 10, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Building a Website

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When building a website, you must first choose the right web hosting service. With the thousands of available web hosting providers nowadays, choosing the best one could be very challenging and overwhelming. However, you should not worry about having various choices. What you need to do is to consider six things, and you’ll find the right web hosting provider for your website.

Differences Between Web Hosting Types

There are various types of web hosting. Some of these include dedicated, VPS, shared, reseller, and cloud. You should learn the differences in the features of each web hosting provider to come up with the best choice. It is vital to note that not every web hosting provider offers all these types of web hosting.


However, all hosting providers have the shared hosting feature. This type of hosting is when a website shares a server and its resources with other websites. Typically, shared hosting is the cheapest; however, it provides a limited size and traffic of a website. Tiers of shared hosting are ideal for startup businesses. A downside of shared hosting is that there can be issues on performance and may even experience an occasional slowdown.


For websites with a massive amount of traffic (often in large corporations), a VPS or dedicated hosting is the one commonly used.

This is because these two can provide better or enhanced performance. WordPress hosting lets you build a site on a platform catering to the world’s most known CMS, WordPress. Therefore, you can conveniently set up a website on most hosting plans available today.


Reseller hosting permits you to build your own business without building an infrastructure from scratch. It is indeed economical if you want to offer hosting to your clients. 


On the other hand, cloud hosting is totally different because it allows someone to scale the site power in multiple servers.

You need to compare prices first because each web hosting type costs differently from the other. Also, determine first what kind of web hosting you will need in the future.

Check Performance

Never disregard the hosting performance. Check for security, reliability, and uptime scores. These metrics are also used by most providers when third-party reviews are needed. Weak servers and unstable network connections will definitely result in downtime. This is critical, particularly if your website is catering to e-commerce customers who would like to shop and check your products. Downtime also results in low ranking in search engines and loss of customers’ trust.

Make sure to work with a reputable and reliable hosting company. Choose the one with excellent uptime scores, preferably 99.5 and above. A web hosting company should also be secured and trusted so that you can safeguard your website from data leakages and security breaches.

Site Backups

There are times websites become susceptible to get hacked, crash, fail, or infected with a virus. This is why an occasional update to your CMS and plugins should be done. Make sure to have a backup before doing any updates. Your hosting company should have a trustworthy backup policy. They should be able to restore the full data and prevent significant data loss and damage to your website’s reputation.

Future Thinking

Always consider the future growth of your website. You might have started with a single domain name and website, but you may be required to have multiple sites and subdomains. This is also why you should check first the various plans and packages offered before signing up with a particular service provider.

Determine also the cost of unlimited domain and site packages. It is always an excellent idea to make comparisons of various hosting options. Opt for a web hosting provider that provides various service plans that will let you add new domains as your business grows in the future.

Refund Policy and Free Trials

Let’s admit it. Hosting your website can be expensive. This is especially true when you start with a limited budget. Fortunately, most hosting companies offer free trials of their hosting services. A refund policy is also offered to help lower the risk of losing a huge amount of expenses if something goes wrong.


If you want to build a compelling website, you need to have reliable web hosting, too. Choose the one that offers excellent performance, reasonable costs, free trials, backup, and flexibility for future growth.

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