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August 5, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

The Difference Between Cloud Backup Vs. Cloud Storage

cloud backup

Trying to understand the cloud and how it works can be enough to put most people to sleep. The truth is, the cloud itself is a simple idea; it just involves so many aspects that people tend to get confused by the terminology and the technical jargon that they use to describe it. One thing that often gets interchanged when discussing the cloud is the difference between storage and backup.

While they may sound like two sides of the same coin, they are entirely different concepts in the cloud system. Cloud storage is a virtual warehouse for your files, while the backup is an entire process of creating identical or synchronized copies of your information. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two and why they are both useful for running your website or business.

Cloud storage

Currently, many people use storage devices like external hard drives, USB sticks, and micro SD cards to store information outside of their computers and mobile phones. The challenge with these is that you need a tangible way to connect to them.

You can plug your external drive to your computer or insert the card through a reader to be able to access the information saved inside. Some hard drives can be accessed through a wireless network. However, you still need to have access to that local network to open the drive. If you want to share a file that you cannot send via email, for example, you will have to physically deliver the device to the recipient for them to access the data.

Cloud storage options allow you to access your data from anywhere in the world, and you can share that access with whomever you choose. Commercial cloud storage systems like Google Drive and Dropbox offer space on the cloud so that all you need to access your information is log on with your device on a secure internet connection. Cloud storage plans can be expanded based on your needs and how much information you need to keep.

Cloud backup

Cloud backups are the process of creating a copy of your files, programs, messages, transaction history, customer records, and whatever else you may need. Many device manufacturers like Samsung and Apple offer this to create a digital replica of your phone, tablet, or laptop. If you are running a website, you should also have a backup of all your files on your online virtual private server (VPS). Your VPS hosting provider should make this option available to you.

Many companies use the cloud to backup and protect their data, files, in case of a physical or cyber disaster. You can download the replica of all your information and return your computer and device to its latest working condition. You can choose to update the backup manually or synchronize it to upload any changes as often as you need.

Which one do you need?

Depending on your needs, you may use both. Having cloud storage offers you flexibility, while cloud back-ups give you peace of mind. Storage is meant for regular access and to share information regularly. If you were to lose your mobile phone, your laptop, or someone burglarizes or hacks into your computer system, cloud backups are crucial. They can be used to restore function immediately so you can continue to serve your clients.

One of the most significant advantages of cloud technology is the ease of storing and accessing your information, as well as the ability to scale it to your present needs. As your business grows, you can scale up your storage and backup sizes to accommodate and sustain your growth.

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