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September 11, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

The Basics of VPS Hosting for Your Business: What to Know

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When launching a website, business owners have to make the heavy commitment of whether they should choose a dedicated or shared web hosting provider. It’s a decision that can make or break a company since both have their pros and cons.

However, did you know there’s a third option you can choose from between shared and dedicated web hosting? This middle ground is known as a Virtual Private Server or VPS. It’s a viable solution for you if you don’t want to try the previous two choices.

How does VPS work?

VPS is an isolated space on a server that has the characteristics and functions of the server itself. It has its own operating system (OS), resources, applications, and configurations all within a contained space. Through virtualization technology, the physical contains many split-up servers that many domain owners can use. This enables an expansive degree of flexibility in customization and privacy compared to shared hosting, without a dedicated server’s high upkeep costs.

What are the benefits of VPS?

Subscribing to a VPS hosting provider gives you the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting packages.

A holder of VPS receives a dedicated amount of RAM for their hosting contract. Because of this, there will be no issue of multiple holders sharing RAM even if they’re on the same server. As a VPS holder, you will receive guaranteed resources, which allow higher memory capacity and faster processing time without sharing it with other sites on the server.

Although you have autonomy in our virtual space, you will still receive the cost-effective benefits of shared hosting services. With VPS hosting, you get shared cost of services, quick server setups, and convenient server access with IT support.

When should I choose a VPS?

Many business owners are unsure whether they should choose a VPS host. This is because they’re just starting their business or they’re considering a dedicated server. Generally, you will choose a VPS service if your experience issues with high traffic volumes or if you start experiencing slow site performance. These are symptoms of exhausting your current server’s limited bandwidth and RAM.

As your business grows, you will experience the need for more content and higher online visitor capacities. The limitations of your current plan will prevent you from expanding your subscription. Instead of waiting for these blunders to happen in the future, you can start with a VPS right away.

The best part about using a VPS host is to receive all the dedicated servers’ benefits. This includes stronger site security, server-level administrative tools, and flexibility in your bandwidth packages. You receive all of these and more with a fraction of the cost you would spend on a dedicated server. If you want to ensure your site’s sustainability and continual functionality, you should choose a VPS service.


Scalability is a crucial factor you should consider when choosing a hosting service. VPS allows you to maintain independent control and customization of your systems while still giving your site room to grow. It does all without the expensive upkeep costs of maintaining a dedicated server all to yourself. 

Subscribing to a VPS is your best option if you don’t want to jump from one host to another for your operations’ expansion. It’s a versatile middle option without going all-in on a large-scale expansive server.

If you’re ready to start or switch to VPS hosting, our IO Zoom subscription packages can help you get started. We offer VPS with windows and Linux interfaces. Get in touch with us to learn more about what VPS can do for your business!





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