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November 9, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Securing Your Digital Assets With Domain Privacy Protection

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If you’re running an online business, protecting your digital assets is paramount. A domain name privacy protection offers you exactly that, which often comes in conjunction with web hosting and domain registration. This privacy protection ensures that every information is kept safe and secure, away from detrimental exposures and spamming. In other words, investing in domain name protection ensures that email addresses you use and contain within your pages remain far from the clutches of cyber hackers. 

Opting out of privacy protection will essentially leave you vulnerable, allowing anyone to access email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and other personal information required to legally register domain names.

These scenarios are just some of the many dangers of leaving your data out in the open. If you wish to learn more about the significance of data privacy protection, here’s a quick rundown of all the reasons you should:

Reason#1: Trust No One: Your personal data will be up for the taking

Domain registration requires you to share your private information, which will be directed towards the WHOIS public directory. If it’s there and unprotected, however, understand that anyone can access it. It includes hackers, business competitors, and other people with bad intentions. 

This is a risk to the success and integrity of your business—they’ll have access to your projects, concepts, and other sensitive information. Your identity can also be exploited for the execution of other cybercrimes, where your customer data can also be compromised. You risk losing not only a competitive advantage but your identity and reputation. 

Reason #2: Leave Me Alone: You’ll be home to spams, scams, and unwanted calls 

Seeing as your information is already out there, push companies will harvest it for their marketing gigs. They’ll try hard to reach you with countless calls and emails, urging you to try their new products and services. 

The worst part is that you’re also highly vulnerable to scam—apart from convincing you to purchase things you don’t need, plenty of them also operate with one thing in mind: to get money. In other words, you can also fall into the trap of losing money and never hearing from them again. Unfortunately, no amount of reviews, emails, and phone calls can get your assets back. 

Reason #3: What’s Yours Is Theirs: Your website and other digital assets can be hacked 

Your website exists as your virtual storefront, a structure that took time, care, and money to build. It’s an investment that draws prospective customers in, informing them about your brand and how your services address their pain points. 

Leaving it open without any form of security will cause years of your hard work to crumble, especially if it falls into the hands of fraudsters. They can easily transfer your website into their domain names, or perhaps destroy what’s already been built. You’ll be losing clients, reviews, and sales, effectively halting your business. 

Securing Your Digital Assets 

From everything gathered, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get domain privacy protection. It keeps your digital assets safe from theft, fraud, and scams, but that’s not the best part—privacy protection is also easy and inexpensive! As you continue to invest in your online businesses, make sure to direct your attention to protection. Prevention is always better than cure—it’s best to keep hackers away now, rather than suffer later.

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