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October 12, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Securing Email Communications Through VPS Hosting

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Emails are an essential part of 21st-century society. While many believe that sending emails is a dying art or a waste of time due to widely available communication platforms, they remain essential to businesses. Not only are they a formal method of communication that can promote better B2B linking, but they can also boost sales for B2C. Additionally, emails are still widely used by almost all applications as a sign-in catalyst, which means that email addresses are a necessity for all users. 

Emails have long been vulnerable to phishing scams and other malware attacks. This is especially true for users on web hosting platforms that have weak security. The solution to keep businesses healthy and stable is through securing online network activity, which can be done using many methods. Here are some reasons why email security is an essential part of everyday business operations:

Email Infrastructure Is How Businesses Communicate 

Businesses don’t normally place their primary communications network on social networking apps. While it is good to have a social media team for quick questions, referring them to an email crew to log interactions is much easier to manage while being more formal. With many consumers using big email providers like Google, their security measures are stringent enough to prevent phishing attacks other forms of malicious cyberattacks. 

In businesses, sending emails to personnel working for a company is quicker, as it is easier to set up groups to micromanage their tasks. Today, all companies have an email address due to their need to access connectivity applications and other social media accounts. Keeping business processes in good shape means safeguarding employees’ email addresses to prevent attacks against the network. 

Email Security for Consumers

Almost everyone with some technological literacy literate owns an email address. People use them to sign in to websites, create accounts for different eCommerce stores, and protect their various accounts. Consumers will value the “save” feature many email platforms have for future reference and keeping receipts. It can be difficult to track things via social media, so having easy access to previous helpdesk tickets can help people by using the email’s search function.

With all processes like password resets, account recovery, and other confirmations done through email, this remains extremely important to modern-day consumerism. 

The Best Way For Businesses To Safeguard Emails

Public networks are often the most unsafe due to all the omnipresent online threats. Virtual private servers, or also known as VPS services, can create secure systems for email addresses. Your business should buy a VPS service to safely store credentials and run the networks for internal and external business procedures. With plenty of attacks on networks, VPS hosting is an essential part of the safety of business secrets and infrastructural integrity online. 

Additionally, employees must always be aware of internet safety practices to ensure that data leaks and phishing do not occur. These can be damaging to any company, and basic internet safety knowledge goes a long way. Having staff change passwords often, turn on 2-factor authorization for log-ins, and even installing the proper plug-ins and browser products will help fight threats. 


Nothing beats email security when hosted from a VPS online. VPS hosting can offer some of the best protection available to businesses and can even keep client accounts safe on your website’s networks when used for web hosting. Make your next security move better by purchasing a VPS for your business communication operations. 

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