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June 7, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

5 Reasons Organizations Have Migrated to the Cloud

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Cloud technology has offered a world of convenience to businesses and consumers alike. It has eliminated the need for physical servers to store data since it stores everything online, allowing authorized users to access the information they need any time, anywhere. For this reason, many organizations have chosen to migrate altogether to the cloud through secure VPS (virtual private server) hosting, regardless of their size. Since investing in specific equipment is no longer necessary, they enjoy reduced costs, accelerated modernization, and better security.

Cultivating a safe, more resilient business environment is more crucial than ever, as demonstrated by the pandemic. Due to social distancing guidelines, enterprises have shifted to a fully remote workplace to continue being productive, opening up new opportunities they had never encountered before. Here’s what you need to know about the move to the cloud and why businesses do it:

Five Reasons Why Organizations Switch to the Cloud

The primary reason organizations have moved to the cloud is to modernize the business and stay ahead of the competition. Sometimes, they migrate to overcome certain challenges, such as on-premise platforms that have restricted the implementation of modern software. Others shifted to the cloud to contend with cash flow issues, the expiry of data center contracts, and ever-present cybersecurity threats. 

Here are the biggest reasons of companies favoring cloud hosting over on-premise technologies:

It Lowers Their Expenses

Cutting down on expenses is a huge priority for many companies since it helps them maximize their profit and allocate extra funds towards growing the business. Moving to a secure VPS boosts efficiency while reducing operating costs, allowing enterprises to save an average of 20 to 30 percent on virtual machine resource configuration. Now that they do not have to pay for additional hardware support, they can enjoy more savings.

It Frees Up their Budget

Naturally, lowered expenses make for a roomier budget, allowing organizations to funnel savings into initiatives that accelerate them towards their business goals. It also allows them to explore alternative solutions to their business needs.

It Makes Them More Agile

Business agility and continuity are crucial in an unpredictable environment, and the pandemic has demonstrated just how important it is to be adaptable. Luckily, moving to the cloud makes it exponentially easier for businesses to outpace competitors, run efficiently, adopt new practices, and respond immediately to their customers. With instant access to IT resources, businesses can move faster than ever before.

It Allows Them to Scale

One of the most significant drawbacks of hardware is that businesses have had to invest in the latest versions and replace old equipment once the technology becomes obsolete. Sometimes, some companies purchase servers that they eventually under-utilize or no longer need. Luckily, businesses are free to scale when they’re ready without investing significant resources by shifting to cloud technology. This feature allows them more flexibility in their business decisions.

It Provides Better Security

Lastly, the cloud offers much better security than on-premise technology thanks to secure VPS hosting. Additionally, cloud platforms provide extended support and frequent updates to reinforce protection against constantly changing malware and errors while guaranteeing compliance.

What to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Before you start moving to the cloud, there are a few things you must consider. You’ll need to account for the range of workloads and applications that is transferable to the cloud. Some common migration projects include databases, web apps, specialized workloads, Windows Server, SQL Server, and others. You’ll usually need a cloud provider to achieve a completemigration, which they will help you segment into phases for more straightforward implementation.


Migrating to the cloud is an excellent way for companies to modernize, stay ahead of their competitors, and scale once they have outgrown their current infrastructure. With all these benefits of moving to the cloud, you’ll meet your business needs faster while providing an even better service to your customers.

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