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December 27, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

6 Reasons Why All Businesses Need DDoS Protection

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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks corrupt a network by corrupting the network through the distribution of malicious computer programs. 

These attacks can shut down websites or block incoming data, risking the loss of confidential data and business. It is essential to prevent DDoS attacks for all companies with websites, as these attacks can shut down websites directly.

Here are the reasons why every business needs DDoS protection:

1. DDoS Attacks Can Seriously Harm Your Business

A DDoS attack is often a precursor to the actual theft of your data. For example, cybercriminals might launch a DDoS attack against a website to take it offline, giving them time to access personal data or other sensitive information.

2. DDoS Attack Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Online Reputation

DDoS attacks are commonly referred to as distributed denial of service attacks because they are designed to overload a system with too much traffic. An attack typically occurs in phases – the first phase is the syn flood. 

The intranet is flooded with hundreds of thousands of service requests originating from multiple compromised systems. The second phase is the ping flood, in which each compromised system is instructed to send a flood of IP packets to one or more target systems.

3. DDoS Attacks Can Significantly Impact Your Bottom Line

Because of how they are designed, DDoS attacks can take a business offline for extended periods. This means that you will not be able to do business as usual. In fact, your business can lose millions of dollars in revenue due to downtime.

4. DDoS Attacks Can Cause UPS Network Blackout

The essential function of a DDoS attack is to bring down the network of a target system. The methods attackers use to disrupt this network include packet spoofing, SYN flood, and application-layer attacks. In an SYN flood, the attackers send hundreds of thousands of service requests through multiple IP addresses to a server. 

In an application layer attack, the attackers send a flood of requests to a server using a particular port. These flooding attacks cause the server to stop responding or crash. This then results in a network blackout.

5. DDoS Attacks Can Cause a Data Loss

For example, DDoS attacks can leave you exposed to data loss, significantly impacting your business. This is because cybercriminals can take advantage of the downtime to access your network and steal your data. For example, they can log in to your systems using your username and password and read your data.

6. DDoS Attacks Can Harm Your Relationship with Your Website Hosting Company

If your website goes offline because of an attack, you might incur penalties from your hosting company. For example, your website could be taken down for a week or two for violating its terms of service or exceeding the number of times your website is taken down. This is because your hosting company does not want its other clients affected by the attack.


A DDoS attack against your business can significantly impact your reputation and prevent you from doing business as usual. If you are not prepared to avoid these attacks, you could lose millions of dollars in revenue and lose customers. Avoid falling victim to these attacks by investing in DDoS protection.

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