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January 18, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

Private Servers: How Secure Are They and What You Need to Know

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Keeping your personal and business information safe is extremely important, especially when you need to share servers to help keep your operations moving. For this reason, one of the biggest concerns of many people is the security of their information, knowing that Virtual Private Servers (VPS) still involve sharing the same hardware with other users. 

It’s quite understandable why some people are still iffy about Virtual Private Servers. However, it pays to know what really goes on in these servers and how they function to properly understand how secure they actually are. 

Because many people are aware of the need for having a VPS, most people order secure VPS from reputable companies, such as IO Zoom, to help them with their private server needs. 

If you’re still worried about security and you’re curious about how the whole VPS thing works, keep reading. We’ll give you a brief overview of how VPS works, so you’ll understand that it’s secure and safe to have one. Let’s begin!

The hypervisor software and how it works

To understand what’s going on in a Virtual Private Server, you first need to know how it works. Let’s start by discussing the software that runs in the main hardware server where all VPS run. This main hardware is called hypervisor software, and servers that run through this software are called hypervisors. Besides that, this hardware is responsible for managing VPS that runs on the hardware server. 

Another job that the hypervisor software does is that it controls how each VPS communicates with the hardware, including scheduling CPU resources, allotting memory, and maintaining virtual hard disk images. The latter is essential because when a VPS is created, it has a hard disk for it where all the data of that VPS is stored. 

How does the hard disk work?

When configuring the VPS, the hypervisor software will use the disk image as a reference and can only be used by relevant VPS. 

Once the VPS is configured and ready to use, the hypervisor software will then allocate the amount of memory for each VPS to ensure that only specific private servers can control, write, and read from it. Because of this, you can guarantee that the data for each VPS is separate and secure. 

This is why it’s crucial to order secure VPS from reputable companies so that you can find comfort in knowing that they have powerful software and the right knowledge in keeping your data safe. 

What protects the hypervisors?

Since the hypervisor software keeps the VPS separate from each other and controls how they run, what protects the hypervisors? 

Hypervisors are protected by many network-level security features and firewalls to ensure that attackers and cyber attacks will be kept at bay and won’t be able to target the hypervisors themselves. Similarly, the storage servers that hold the VPS’s disk images are protected the same way. 

With that being said, how does security for VPS work?

And finally, the biggest question here is the security of your individual VPS. Since a VPS is already a server, it will already come with all the security vulnerabilities of other non-virtual servers. This means it’s pretty much secured running a dedicated server. Additionally, this means that the level of security for your VPS relies on the configuration of the software it uses to help it run. 

Besides that, you can follow some tips to ensure that your VPS stays secure:

  • Remove software you don’t need and only run those that are needed
  • Configure software respectively
  • Configure your firewall limit so that it doesn’t become readily available for the public
  • Use strong passwords for your accounts
  • Disable automatic logins to servers


Virtual Private Servers are incredibly secure, and you’ll rest easy knowing that the main hardware will always do its job to protect your data from other users. To guarantee safety and security, you must order secure VPS from reliable companies so that you won’t have to worry about lost or stolen data.

If you want to order secure VPS, check out IO Zoom. We are a privately owned company that provides hosting solutions with affordable prices, fast servers, great uptime, and excellent 24/7 support. Learn more about our service today!





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