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July 13, 2019 by Kiet Duong

IO Zoom Expands to Atlanta

We are proud to announce our newest datacenter location in Atlanta, Georgia. The addition of this facility at 34 Peachtree expands our global footprint and provide faster performance and flexibility for our customers.

“As we grow and service a more global customer base, we want to offer a wide range of geographical options”, said Kiet Duong, CEO of IO Zoom. “Each customer has their own unique location needs, often wanting to be near other major hosting facilities and networks. Opening up in Atlanta gives us more geographic reach.”

IO Zoom’s Atlanta datacenter is known to be one of the most bandwidth rich spots in the entire United States. It’s within walking distance of the Atlanta TelX POP. In addition to TelX, that Atlanta connectivity consists of GTT, Cogent, and Zayo. Services available at this location include Cloud VPS, Windows VPS, and WordPress Cloud VPS.





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