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February 1, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

Investing in Growth: The Value of Upgrading Your Servers

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An advantage of starting a business in today’s modern times is the accessibility of digital tools to give an exact quantifiable value for your business’s progress. Your website’s page hits, your inbox’s email notifications and even your business page’s social media account are all measurable through different engagement data.

Although you can have many platforms to manage your online presence, the main method of transacting with your customers will always be on your main website. Web hosting providers give you an ample amount of resources to run your website. For most startups, business owners secure only as much server space they need since they have a smaller scope and customer base. However, it’s inevitable to outgrow your initial subscription eventually.

Why businesses need to make decisions with scalability in mind

Web hosting providers usually offer shared, dedicated, or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to prospective business owners. Although they have their pros and cons, all of them also have limitations in terms of server capacity and bandwidth limits. The fewer server space you have, the more likely you’ll run into issues with site load speeds and online visitor traffic. This is why upgrading your servers for scalability will give you numerous benefits while mitigating potential business-ruining incidents.

In this article, we’ll list down three benefits you’ll receive from upgrading your servers.

1. Reduces risk of suffering from downtimes

Having an online presence requires you to provide the same level of service that a brick-and-mortar shop should excel in. This means you should have minimal downtime and offer a stable establishment that your customers can use with ease. For eCommerce establishments, websites are their main method of engaging with their customer base. Any blackouts and downtimes can deal a massive blow to their sales figures. Upgrading your servers reduces the chances of experiencing these inconveniences and allows you to run intensive applications and plugins to optimize your visitor’s user experience.

2. Allows multi-site development

You really only have two options if you’re considering scaling up your business. Moving to a VPS or dedicated server allows you to increase the limits of domains you have under one account. This makes site management easier while also giving you the freedom to oversee your sites with ease. For resellers, this allows them to use a Web Host manager to provide their clients with individual cPanels while still keeping an eye on every account on their server.

3. Increases your traffic capacity

Transitioning your local business to online platforms is an excellent way to reach an international audience. Many business owners are branching off with this option to improve the scalability of their business without eliminating local competition. The benefit of transitioning to an international audience is that you won’t be competing with one name brand for your products and services. Instead, you’ll be up against several smaller businesses, which is much easier to compete against. Upgrading your services increases your brand’s reach without compromising your business plan or sacrificing your websites’ capacity to receive online visitors from different regions.


Business owners need to anticipate growth even when they’re not experiencing the peak of their output. The danger in being confident in how things are is that you won’t have the resources to maintain your streak of success. This is why you should consider making choices that will benefit you today and even more so in the future.

A crucial contributor to your business’s success in online spaces is having a reliable web hosting provider. AT I/O Zoom, we provide secure VPS web hosting to allow your website to match your business endeavor’s scaling needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.





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