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August 5, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

How to Make a Business Website that Delivers a High-Quality UX

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Businesses today understand that an online presence is necessary if you want people to pay attention to your offerings. A strong online presence ensures that you’ll get people interested in your brand. It also shapes their impression of your business. 

From being thoughtful of your web design to optimizing your page speeds by getting VPS hosting, you have to ensure a positive user experience. Let us look at how you can improve your web design.

Keep things sleek and simple

Eliminate the stumbling blocks on your website UX. Combine pages that make sense together, highlight the best choices or links for your audience, and keep your website clutter-free.

Your business website must talk about your business without compromising clarity. Using minimal details and icons allow people to focus on what matters, your core message. Get to the point about what you offer, and make it easy for people to navigate.

Ensure quick delivery of information

Web surfers read in an F-shaped pattern. They start at the upper left side of the screen, moving from the left to the right, and reading less of each section or line at the right-hand side as they go along. The F-pattern layout works excellently for sites with long-form text, like blogs and sales pages. 

Online users love straightforward solutions, and they do not read everything on a page. Displaying information in the F-pattern layout lets you deliver content in a way that adapts to their reading habits. 

If your website is more image-centric, you can use the Z-pattern, which starts like the F-pattern but zigzags down a site. Parallax and infinite scrolling are best for sites like these.

Of course, you must complement web design with a robust back-end support system. Buy VPS hosting for your company and ensure that you backup your website, so that downtime does not prevent you from delivering content to your visitors.

Present elements in a hierarchy

Deliver content on your site in a way that indicates each element’s significance. Practice visual hierarchy; understanding its basic concepts will help you make pages that deliver a positive UX. Three things that help you convey ranking are size, color, and contrast.

The most prominent elements in a site command the most attention. Use font or image size to draw your users’ eyes to important announcements, promotions, or developments.

Another thing you can do is appeal to people’s emotions through color. Bright colors create much impact, and muted ones convey relaxation and calm. You can also use color to accentuate calls-to-action, highlight links, and differentiate buttons.

The way you combine lines and shapes also affects your audience. Dramatically contrasting elements grab attention, while subtle differences give a luxurious feel. Negative space around elements also creates visual impact. The more blank space around a component, the more you draw people’s attention to it.


In a fiercely competitive world where there are more than a billion websites, you must know how to stand out. You must ensure your business website’s usability and keep it visually appealing, or you might as well resign yourself to getting left behind.

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