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March 28, 2022 by Tanya Aquino

7 Helpful Features of Managed WordPress Web Hosting


Take use of managed WordPress hosting to increase interaction on your WordPress site.

WordPress is a prevalent content management system (CMS), with 43% of all websites running on it. Many site owners opt for conventional web hosting as a self-hosted platform, regardless of running a personal page, blog, portfolio, or eCommerce site.

Many hosting companies, on the other hand, provide managed WordPress hosting. Compared to other types of web hosting, managed WordPress hosting provides several advantages and specialized features specifically designed for WordPress sites.

Continue reading for nine reasons you should pick managed WordPress hosting over normal web hosting if you use WordPress to develop your website.

WordPress Setup Made Simple

You’ll get an instant setup and basic plugins with a WordPress hosting service. Some hosting companies additionally offer a WordPress tutorial to assist users in setting up their hosting account and website.

Managed hosting allows you to manage many WordPress websites from a single account. As a result, you won’t have to switch between different configurations or hosting accounts.

WordPress-Specific Technical Assistance

Because WordPress is recognized for having a high learning curve, you may run into some technical difficulties. As a result, choosing WordPress hosting can help you navigate the process of website building and troubleshooting.

This is because WordPress hosting provides specialized technical support from WordPress experts. When configuring or resolving technical issues, having this information at your disposal can save you time. You’ll have more time concentrating on search engine optimization and marketing techniques.

Automatic Website Backup and Updates

Maintaining your website up to date is critical to avoid hacks and improve performance. WordPress automatically updates minor modifications on ordinary hosting, but site owners must initiate major upgrades.

Managed hosting, on the other hand, entails automatic updates. PHP updates are usually included, and some web servers additionally offer automated theme or plugin upgrades.

Furthermore, several hosting companies offer daily backups as part of their managed WordPress hosting package. Consequently, you won’t need to install any other plugins or deal with FTP accounts or phpMyAdmin to perform backups.

Improved Safety

WordPress is vulnerable to attacks because it is an open-source CMS. As a result, securing your WordPress website necessitates conscious effort. A managed hosting solution will provide you with a support team to assist you with this.

An SSL certificate is usually included with WordPress hosting services to encrypt your website. Some service providers include a website application firewall that filters and monitors website traffic. Managed hosting frequently provides built-in options to improve password enforcement, enable two-factor authentication, and limit login attempts for your administrator account’s security.

You may also use WordPress plugins to implement these security features on regular site hosting. However, setting it up yourself takes time and work, and it may not be as effective as the robust website security capabilities available with managed hosting.

Optimized Website Performance

Optimizing a website necessitates a thorough examination and ongoing monitoring of its entire performance. Server uptime, loading speed, features, and the website’s position in search engine result pages (SERPs) are all factors.

A managed WordPress hosting company helps you keep track of the technical aspects of your site and make recommendations for improvements. Websites hosted on WordPress hosting, for example, run on WordPress-optimized servers with the most up-to-date software to ensure peak performance.

That way, you can concentrate on developing high-quality website content and helping to improve site performance using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Staging Environment with a Single Click

Some WordPress hosting companies include a staging environment as part of their managed hosting packages, while others charge extra. The staging environment serves as a replica of your website, allowing you to test changes and uncover issues before implementing them on the live site.

This feature can be useful for ensuring a safe website testing environment if you frequently experiment with your website or manage some clients’ WordPress websites.

Additionally, managed WordPress hosting providers can provide advice and tools to create an optimal workflow when making changes to your website.

Scalable Platform

You’ll need more hosting resources as your website expands. You may need to relocate the website to a new server in some cases, which may take time and money. Managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, allows for easier website scaling.

Some WordPress hosting providers, for example, leverage cloud technologies to make resource upgrades easier. Others, meanwhile, offer a migration service to move rapidly-growing websites to a more advanced server.


Managed WordPress hosting is an ideal option for both beginners and experts. Although it may be more expensive than a standard hosting service, the additional resources, support, and optimized servers make it worthwhile.

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