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August 25, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

Do You Need VPS Hosting: Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

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When it comes to running a website, there is more to it than just creating content, designing it, and updating it regularly. When your website starts gaining traction, more people will be visiting and browsing on it. If you are a business owner and have seen significant growth in recent times, you may have noticed your website getting overloaded, slowing down because of the traffic you receive.

An inaccessible business page is a liability to your company’s growth and can leave you with fewer opportunities to conduct sales and convert leads. No matter how strong your business is, a weak online presence and a website that is down too often will reduce the number of customers coming your way. 

The next step for your ever-growing enterprise is to invest in a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS hosting is one of the best things to put money into, allowing businesses to expand their networks and scale efficiently, while still remaining an affordable option!

Do You Need a VPS Hosting Solution?

The answer is solely dependent on the scale of your business and the number of people visiting your website at a time. When on the fence about making the switch to a VPS Hosting solution, it helps to ask yourself a few questions to determine your needs:

How Reliant is Your Business on a Website?

Depending on your answer here, this is the most significant factor that will determine your need to get a VPS to shift traffic load to a server. If your business has its eCommerce page that is quite popular on your website, or if people contact you through your site, then you may want to buy a VPS Hosting service. 

Usually, eCommerce websites will almost always have a high rating on this question, as their mode of business is mainly online. 

How Fast Do Your Web Pages Load?

If your pages load slower than usual, this is terrible news for businesses online. People hate to wait—it’s simply a fact of life!

When it comes to loading times being slow, this means that the traffic volume on your site is quite high, and is having difficulties taking in all visitors. If you get a VPS service, you will be relieved to know that your site’s load is distributed to a private network, rather than a shared server that is much slower. 

Will Downtimes Affect Your Business?

Saying yes to this question means you should get a VPS service. This way, you can balance the loads to different private servers to conduct maintenance without downtimes. 

Servers need support, just like all things in this world—so if your site shutting down will affect your business’ processes, then consider getting a VPS Hosting solution. 

How Fast is Your Business Growing?

If your business is growing fast and people are starting to purchase more and more of your products, then you might need to invest in a VPS to ensure that growth is unhindered. Whether you are growing rapidly or slowly, having a stable network of servers to balance loads will be beneficial to your company’s growth.

Is Your Business Seasonal in Demand?

The best part about VPS services is that they are easily scalable to meet needs at a snap of a finger. If your business is something that deals with tourism, these can often be seasonal, depending on when the best travel times are. 

This seasonal nature means that the site will not be utilized throughout the year, so a VPS can allow scaling down of servers quickly when needed. Conversely, during peak seasons, the servers can be scaled upwards to meet the heavy demands of people looking to travel. 


When it comes to VPS hosting services, a business can significantly benefit from this. With the shift to the online world becoming increasingly essential to sustain growth, the variable nature of a VPS can assist with the evolution of a company. No matter how small the company starts, their needs will change online once growth ensues. 

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