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September 27, 2016 by Kiet Duong

Asia Optimized Network

Due to high demand for low latency and fast speeds to and from China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, we have launched a new Los Angeles Asia Optimized (AO) network targeted at optimizing routes for Asia based customers and their visitors. The AO network currently consists of China TelecomChina UnicomPCCW, Cogent, GTT, Zayo, Telia, Host.net, and peering with HiNet Taiwan, Equinix Exchange, and Any2Exchange.

We can adjust routing as necessary live with the AO network to deal with any currently occurring packet loss, downtime, or  issues coming from China or Taiwan into the USA. China has a history of congested ports, packet loss, and all around sub-par connectivity when crossing the ocean into the United States which diminishes the users experience on websites hosted in the USA. 

The AO network have been able to provide the majority of Chinese and Taiwanese users with latencies around 200ms or lower. We are constantly working to improve our possible route choices and able to make live changes should any specific paths become congested or problematic.

To test the Asia Optimized network visit our datacenter page at www.iozoom.com/datacenter




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