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October 19, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Cloud-Based Backup Solution

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Considering the current situation of modern technology and its unprecedented level of evolution, it’s easy to see why experts claim that the end of traditional backup is near. 

For many years, keeping information secure was something heavily associated with having large drive spaces and massive server hubs. With modern technology becoming involved in making solutions faster, better, and even smaller with every release, it’s clear that older, bulkier solutions are bound to meet their end. 

Although some traditionalists may argue that older versions of backing up data are still optimal and applicable, modern solutions have revolutionized how we know storage in more ways than ever expected. In particular, cloud-based backup solutions have become a must-invest solution for any business looking to take a forward-thinking approach!

Why is it crucial to invest in an adequate backup solution?

Today, it is relatively uncommon to hear about a business that has yet to adapt to using modern digital technology in its operations.

Compared to the older days of ledger sheets, manual work, tedious number crunching, and file cabinet maintenance, today’s methods are as efficient as they are revolutionary. Right now, your business is probably running on a handful of computers and digital systems. Given the higher rates of data usage all over the United States, there is no better time to look at the way we deal with data than today. 

For this same reason, businesses have been urged to back up their data with the best solutions because of threats that come with disasters, hackers, and rare mishaps. 

How cloud-based solutions can help keep your data safe 

In these modern times, where the demand for quality service is more significant than ever, cloud-based solutions provide an exceptional and affordable solution that modern businesses can use to keep their data safe. 

If you have a few dozen terabytes of important customer, company, and asset-related data, a cloud-based option will surely be best suited for your needs. Thanks to the way this solution offers convenient, easy, quick, and highly-secure experiences without the boundaries of traditional tools, it’s safe to say that the cloud-based features are the way to go!

Two tips to consider when searching for cloud-based backup solutions

With dozens of different service providers in America alone providing products to choose from, finding the right option to work with can be a complicated process. Thankfully, you can sift through all the available options with ease and find the best options for your needs by keeping these two tips in mind: 

Tip #1: Look for guarantees of top-quality support 

Considering that cloud-based backup solutions are sold as a service, it’s safe to assume that the best options come with top-notch customer support. 

Unlike a car, laptop, or gadget that you can probably fix by yourself, cloud-based backup solutions bear problems that you can’t settle on your own. This essentially means that an only in-house expert can address your concerns. By going for a solution that features round-the-clock support, you won’t have to worry about lengthy downtimes or unnecessary issues!

Rest easy, knowing that our experts at IO Zoom provide exceptional 24/7 support on top of fast servers, affordable prices, impeccable hosting experiences, and excellent uptime!

Tip #2: Check out company reviews

With the Internet becoming a safe space for consumers to be honest about their experiences, it has also become an exceptional tool for gauging cloud-based services’ overall quality.

Before you purchase a cloud-based backup subscription or plan, it’s best to check the web and scour for detailed reviews that will give you a clearer idea of your possible experience. Once you brush up on enough write-ups, you’ll feel much more confident about your choice and easily bag the best solution for your needs!


When it comes to keeping data as safe and secure as possible, cloud-based solutions undoubtedly are the options you should go for. Through this guide’s help, you’ll have a better understanding of why this solution is best suited for your needs and what you need to consider before subscribing to one of your own! 

At this point, you may want to consider a new VPS online for your business. We specialize in providing world-class hosting solutions for websites all over the US, Amsterdam, and the UK, with eight different data centers scattered across the globe. Get in touch with our IT experts today to learn more about how you can experience top-level hosting with us!





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