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August 31, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

7 Tips to Avoid a Bad Web Host

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Every web page needs a hosting site. A hosting site is a space you buy from a web server that holds all the files and information you’ll be adding to your website. Through it, you make it possible for your website to be accessible to all people. That is how vital a web host provider is, their services are tied to your success!

Your web hosting provider can also affect the performance of your site on search engine rankings. Not only does it influence your website’s speed, but it has repercussions on its security, too!

To help you identify and avoid having a bad web host, here are some tips you can follow:

#1 Never choose a web hosting provider with a blacklisted IP address

There are two things you should know if you pursue a web host with a blacklisted IP address:

  • Your web hosting provider’s reputation may be less than desirable.
  • Emails coming from your domain will potentially get blocked too.

Never settle for a web host that offers an affordable service charge or a too expensive bid. There are numerous other options from which you can choose from that will offer quality service for the right price. 

#2. Choose a hosting provider that offers an extended trial period

A lengthy trial period often indicates that a web host is confident and can be trusted. Most web hosting sites offer a month of trial—but others provide an even longer trial period. Choose a period that would make you feel at ease until you commit to a chosen hosting provider. 

#3. Separate your web host and domain registration

Most web hosting providers today offer packages that allow you to have free domain registration. While this seems like a wise expense, it is always safer to register your domain name with a different party. 

Once you decide to move to a new hosting site, the shifting process will be easier for you. On the other hand, if you register your domain in the same host site and decide to move out, you still need to wait until your current hosting site releases the domain. 

In case you already registered your domain name with the same hosting site, you do not have to panic. There is always an option for you to transfer your domain into a third party registrar later on. 

#4. Be cautious when setting up a payment method

Automatic payment is always convenient. You do not need to remember your payment date, and it ensures you do not miss any dues. However, some exploitative companies still charge a client’s credit card even after they cancel their account!

Watch out for these companies. Once you cancel your account, double-check if the automatic payment also stopped. Should there be any issues, file a complaint immediately to avoid added expenses!

#5 Always have a backup

Your website host should do their backup, but you should also have your own copy to be sure. When things go wrong, you are at peace because you have the most recent version of your site’s files and everything in it. 

#6 Always change your password

Online hackers keep on upgrading their skills each time. That is why you have to be smart on your end too. One way to keep your security in check is to change your passwords regularly. Make sure that you do not share them with anyone. That is how you protect all your hard work. 

#7 Monitor your hosting uptime and speed

When your site experiences downtime, that means that people cannot reach your site. You would not know unless you track your site’s performance—and you could be losing numerous customers in the process! It is essential to observe your web statistics regularly so that your traffic and revenue don’t take a sudden dip without you noticing.


Keep these tips in mind when choosing a web hosting site and remember that you do not have to stick to the same web host for a long time. The most crucial step is to understand your website needs and start looking for a host that can give you that service. Finding a perfect web host isn’t an exact science—which is why it’s always best to keep an eye out for a reputable one.

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