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August 31, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

4 Strategies to Secure and Protect Your Business Email

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Many people forget that it is easy for anyone to access information online, including business emails. Without practicing proper precautions, you may put your data as well as the entire company at risk.

One of the most common threats received through email is phishing attacks or malicious spam. These spam emails may include dangerous malware that messes with your files and often demands payment before they return your information. Meanwhile, other types of malware destroy your files, giving you no way to recover your lost data.

There are numerous ways to secure your business email, such as working with a hosting company to provide you with VPS hosting for more online protection. On top of this, there are different ways to protect and secure your business email. Here are four different strategies you can follow:

1. Use proper business email practices among your employees

The best way to avoid business email issues is by educating your employees on online hazards and what they should do to protect themselves. 

Most insider breaches are a result of human error and irresponsibility. Proper training is the best way to prevent business email threats because your employees will know what and how to avoid these potential menaces. 

Your employees act as the first line of defense for your company and giving them training on how to protect company-related data is critical for your company’s protection.

2. Always think ahead and prepare for worst-case scenarios

One of the few errors that many companies do is forgetting to save back-up copies of their data. When you plan and consider worst-case scenarios, you will create protocols that you and your employees can use should there be business email threats. 

Cyberattacks are quick. If you and your team know how to respond immediately, you can reduce the damage you may receive. Proper protocols will help avoid confusion and miscommunication that can lead to the development of more issues. 

3. Make use of sender authentication features with your VPS host

An additional way to secure and protect your business email is by using sender authentication. Sender authentication helps senders, email service providers, and ISPs to help protect both the recipient and the sender’s emails. This verifies your emails to the recipient and assures them that you are an authentic sender.

Sender authentication provides cryptographic standards and protocols that block cyberattacks. This is an incredibly important feature that you can add to your business emails because it will protect important data you are sending and receiving. 

4. Work with a trustworthy company that specializes in email security

Dealing with business email security and protection may be overwhelming because of all the software and terminology. Working with a reputable hosting solutions company can help ensure that you have the proper security for your business’s online data. 

Inquire about VPS hosting and other ways to protect your data by setting a meeting with the right company. It may be a bit pricey, but definitely more affordable than recovering lost data that may cost you a huge sum if it lands on the wrong hands.


Now that you know the different complications you may get without business email protection, it is time to make necessary changes. By remembering these four strategies and working with a reliable company that can provide VPS hosting, you will never have to worry about cyber attacks and business email threats.

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