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August 25, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

4 Great Reasons to Use Plesk for Your Web Hosting

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A web host is a provider of a service on the internet that publishes your website or application on the internet. Web hosting is the act of renting space on a server on which the files and data necessary for the running of your website. And one of the most popular tools for web hosting and management is Plesk. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using Plesk to manage your website, and how it can improve how you conduct your business online. Here are some of these benefits:

It doesn’t care what your operating system is

The fact that Plesk can run on both Windows and Linux makes it an incredibly versatile and viable option for hosting. While plenty of servers out there are Linux-based, Windows hosting makes more sense for a good number of websites. This makes Plesk a fantastic option that can run both Linux-based and Windows hosting-based websites combined. 

Other control panels such as cPanel are only usable on Linux, which may limit your options. Many operations are starting to switch the Windows hosting, so it is important to consider Plesk if this is a pathway you are hoping to move towards. 

Its user interface is smooth and intuitive

Great care has been put into Plesk’s user interface, in order to make it the best and easiest choice for professionals of all skill levels. Every feature you need is easy to find, and the various tasks and processes are generally easy to organize. The tutorial and help center also provides a wide range of resources for people who want to learn more about the system.

This can speed up your operations and make them far more efficient, especially with how easy Plesk is to learn. 

It’s mobile-friendly

The landscape of the digital sphere is changing, and the needs of many people using it have changed, regardless of whether they are consumers or providers. More and more, the importance of mobile accessibility is turning into something nobody can ignore. 

That’s where Plesk beats the competition. Plesk control panel has a mobile app that maintains all the necessary functions needed to maintain control of your system even on the go. It’s not just available on your smartphone, but on your tablet as well, allowing quick solutions to unexpected problems.

It’s secure

As the digital space gets bigger and bigger, security breaches will become more commonplace. As more innovations come to light, new problems and challenges will arise. Plesk answers these problems by maintaining good practices to keep your data secure, with its own protocols, and the various options offered by the control panel.

There are plenty of firewalls and extensions available on Plesk that can deter hackers and other unscrupulous criminals from messing with your website. Not only that, but there are also user control options that allow varying levels of access to low-level employees and contractors, protecting you from mistakes and human maliciousness. 

In conclusion

In the age of ever-evolving technology and constant innovation, it is important to have the right tools for the job. And if your job is web hosting, then Plesk is the tool for you. Its wide range of features can not only make your job easier, but it can make it more secure. 

And if you’re looking for a web hosting service, send us at IO Zoom a message. We have the expertise to help with what you need, in addition to all the right tools. 





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