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December 21, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

3 Reasons Your Business Needs VPS Hosting

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Technology plays an integral role in every modern business. From marketing to infrastructure, you’ll need a suite of electronic and digital devices to support your business’s success, scalability, and security. A crucial part of this is web hosting, which many business owners tend to neglect before eventually realizing its importance in business functions.

When most businesses start, they often opt for shared hosting services since it’s the most affordable option for small budgets. However, as a business grows, more security and customization options are required to meet its needs. With virtual private server (VPS) hosting, you’ll enjoy more privacy while having access to personal storage, CPU, and RAM. It’s also affordable, offering you better benefits and security with the same budget.

Here are three reasons your business needs to switch to VPS hosting:

It Gives You Better Security

Every business needs to protect its confidential information, which is made even better with VPS hosting. Shared hosting is rife with privacy concerns, as anyone on the server can slip and cause a breach, even with a high level of security. Since you’ll share the server with other users, this gives hackers even more entry points, which means that if they get a hold of one of the user accounts, they can access all server accounts.

Luckily, VPS hosting works differently. You’ll have a personal server, which eliminates the vulnerabilities found in shared hosting. It also saves your data separately in a virtual server that only you can access. If there is a user account breach, hackers still won’t have access to other virtual servers. That way, if someone makes a mistake, your data remains unaffected. 

It Improves Website Performance

Another essential component every business must have is a fast-loading website. Thanks to most digital services and functions’ instantaneous speed, people expect websites to load entirely within seconds. If your website takes slightly longer to load, even just by 100 milliseconds later, it can turn customers off and ultimately cut conversion rates significantly. Slow-loading websites also suffer from high bounce rates, which means your website visitors leave your website if it doesn’t load quickly enough. 

While there are plenty of ways to speed up your website’s loading times, how efficiently they work depends on your host. Even if you’ve optimized your website within an inch of its life, it may not respond as quickly as you want if you are on a slow hosting server. 

Fortunately, VPS hosting solves all this and more. It boosts your website’s performance by miles since it works with a dedicated virtual server. Since you aren’t competing with other users on your server, you’ll resolve any website speed problems without having to take extensive and expensive steps. 

It’s Fully Scalable

When your business grows, you’ll have to make sure you have the tools and resources to support it. Your website will likely receive a higher volume of traffic than usual, which means you’ll need to upgrade your hosting plan to accommodate the increased number of visitors. With VPS hosting, you have all the scalability you need while remaining flexible. 

You can add servers and resources as you please and minimize them when necessary. It also supports activities like moving or merging websites, redirecting customers, or selling your business. Whether you’re expanding or cutting down, requiring more hosting resources at some point and needing to reduce them later on, VPS hosting offers you all the options you need. With this flexibility, every business, from startups to large enterprises, can benefit from VPS hosting.


VPS hosting is incredibly beneficial to businesses, more so as people shift all their processes to the digital sphere. It offers more security and customization options without commanding a hefty price tag. With these three reasons, your business will enjoy better website security and performance, helping you stay relevant and competitive.

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