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August 11, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Cloud VPS DDoS Protection

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Most businesses nowadays depend on computers to operate—it stores important information, serves as a database, and helps them optimize their operations. The thing is, these computers and the network they make up can be compromised through a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). A DDoS attack infiltrates a network and corrupts it by obstructing access to websites and risking the loss of confidential data. Since access is blocked, this can shut down a website—thereby directly affecting your business.

All businesses with websites must prepare themselves against DDoS attacks, no matter how unlikely they may seem to happen. If a website is under a DDoS siege, then hackers gain easy access to the customer information stored inside it, and are free to use it to their own benefit. Others use the information to blackmail companies and demand a hefty sum of money, which is known as cyber-extortion.

Here are three reasons why you should protect your business against DDoS attacks:

You’ll Retain Your Customer Base

Once users catch wind of a compromised website, they’ll be much less likely to visit or return to the said website. Website performance is also integral to keeping your customers happy—if they have a bad experience on your website, they can easily move onto another one. After all, they wouldn’t want to risk having their data stolen when browsing through your website or when inputting their information should they purchase something.

While many people might associate DDoS attacks through websites, they can actually be carried out through mobile apps, insecure networks, or malware. This makes customers even more susceptible to having their information compromised. For this reason alone, it’s best to consider cloud VPS DDoS protection.

You’ll Keep Your Reputation

Word of mouth is one of the fastest ways that news can travel. If anyone hears about one customer’s bad experience with a business—including having their data breached, to boot—then it will be very difficult to rehabilitate your business’s reputation.

In fact, there have been reports of DDoS attacks that may have only targeted one customer, but still impacted the business’s entire network! A DDoS attack can severely harm your reputation, so it’s essential to your business to arm yourself against these breaches.

You’ll Save Money

Recovering from a DDoS attack can be extremely expensive. Not only will an attack result in the loss of your data and assets, but it will also incur high costs in repairing and rebuilding your network. If your equipment has been compromised, then you’ll have to shell out money to replace that, too. Purchasing hardware replacement can be especially painful, which is a costly, but necessary part in kickstarting your recovery from a DDoS attack.

The Bottom Line

In order to protect your network from data breaches and DDoS attacks, you’ll need to create a defense strategy. This can be done by analyzing your network and identifying the attacked nodes—thus allowing you to isolate it before the attack spreads.

It’s also important to keep yourself up-to-date and educated on the newest strategies that hackers are employing to infiltrate networks. Consulting experts for guidance and support in fortifying your business against attacks is also a great way to buff up your defenses.

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