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July 5, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

3 Important Reasons Why You Need an Offsite Data Backup

Offsite backup server

The online world today provides many conveniences in exchange for risking security breaches. Many cybercriminals target businesses and establishments to get sensitive information such as statements of accounts, bank and phone numbers, and every bit of information that they can sell to competitors. In cases like this, offsite data backup will be most useful.  

Why Getting an Offsite Data Backup Is Important

1. Secures Data From Malwares or Malfunctions

Malicious software, or malware, can get into any cloud hosting environment and destroy everything that may have been useful to you. This makes your information vulnerable to these attacks. Months worth of work can all go down the drain, unless you have an office data backup.

Data backup systems are damage control rather than a form of offense. It may not fight off malware (there are other designated software for that), but it can restore everything that you’ve lost in a blink of an eye. Viruses like worms, trojans, spam, and more can enter the system at any time by accident or otherwise orchestrated. The good thing about having offsite data backup is that you will always be prepared in case it were to happen.

Another advantage of offsite data backup is that it saves everything when there is a system shutdown. If the power cuts out in the building for some reason or if anyone tripped on a cord, the data will still be saved and safely stored. 

2. Access Data from Anywhere

People on your team will need access to certain information at all times, no matter where they’re working. One of the advantages of offsite data backup is that everything is stored in a cloud made accessible to everyone who needs it. 

No one will be emailing back and forth for access. Anyone can edit anything, making updates more efficient to do in real-time. And the best thing is anyone can work from anywhere without having to carry hard drives or thumb drives to get what they need. 

3. Backup is Always on the Way

The best and most crucial thing that office data backup does is create copies of everything necessary. Not everything needs to be copied and stored away securely somewhere. There are files that need to be backed up more than others. 

If you don’t want to spend too much backing up all the data, select the most essential information that doesn’t necessarily need to be updated constantly or has any value until later on. Everything that is still in progress can be backed up when there’s an initial draft but can be taken out later on for any update. 


Offsite data backup is an essential part of protecting your business. It makes work more efficient and gives you the security of knowing where your data is. With so many privacy issues that occur on the web every day, it is crucial that you have a backup plan for everything. It protects your data, your employees’ data, and the information that is supposed to be kept private. 

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