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February 8, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

3 Reasons Why eCommerce Businesses Should Consider VPS Hosting

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Ensuring your eCommerce business is backed by a reliable web hosting provider is essential to your success. However, you may not have the money to pay for upfront costs. You may also be concerned about dedicated servers and shared hosting limitations. Fortunately, there are VPS hosting options available for your convenience. You just need to know why it’s the preferred choice for your situation. 

This article will discuss three compelling reasons why many eCommerce businesses start with VPS hosting for their websites. Take this as a starting point to ensuring your ventures online are not wasted by having a strong backend and great user experience. This way, you can scale quickly and become a leading brand in your chosen niche. 

Has reliable uptime rates and other SEO-friendly capabilities

If you want to connect with customers and guarantee engagements, sales, and branding awareness, your business has to rank on the search engine. That’s why website design, content marketing, and other related services are essential as well. However, you cannot take full advantage if your site is on a free and vulnerable hosting platform, negating your costs for eCommerce operations. 

The most cost-effective means to establish a strong foundation for your eCommerce site is to get VPS hosting. It’s secure, can be managed by experts to prevent cyber threats, and has great uptime rates. This way, you can meet SEO guidelines and ensure your business gets the online presence it needs to scale. 

The other advantage with VPS is you can upgrade your plan to enhance your eCommerce operations. It’s like the online equivalent of acquiring more real estate for your store to expand. This way, you can widen your customer base, meet quarterly projections, and achieve sustainable growth. 

Idealized for business growth and budgeting

There’s always a lot of upfront costs needed to run a business. That’s why many entrepreneurs look into eCommerce as a lucrative opportunity. But because of the raised consumer demand, you may be worried about your burn rate and future projects. 

Fortunately, VPS hosting is idealized for cost-effectiveness, allowing you to maximize costs to prevent falling into losses. You just need to consult with our team at IO Zoom to help you make well-informed decisions. 

Open to your control and further assistance from your provider 

Because you are running your operations online, you may have questions about data ownership and privacy with your website hosting provider. You may also be worried about your online customers’ welfare since you are essentially borrowing space to house your eCommerce business. 

The good news is VPS hosting plans are managed through data centers, meaning only you have full control over all aspects of your business’s data. You can even ask for the provider’s assistance if you want to fix something to enhance your hosting experience. The bottom line is you can be ensured of cybersecurity and troubleshooting for your convenience and peace of mind.


Running an eCommerce business has a set of pros and cons, and you can expect to get overwhelmed if you don’t make the right decisions. Fortunately, you now have a reliable solution in VPS hosting, setting up your online venture for success. You just have to get the ideal plan to suit your needs and preferences. Get your VPS and launch your brand online! 

Are you looking for the best Windows VPS hosting and other similar options? Check out our offers at IO Zoom. We have eight different data centers worldwide, giving your eCommerce business the scalability it needs to grow online. We also have add-ons for your convenient use if you have any additional needs. Invest in secure VPS solutions today! 





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