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April 26, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

3 Benefits of VPS Hosting to Your Business Site’s Speed


VPS hosting is the ideal solution when your business site starts to exceed the resource limitations and traffic capacity of your web hosting provider. It can also help you scale your business because as you grow in users, your customer base and demand for your products and services also increase. Most importantly, it improves your site’s run speed, which has a significant amount of benefits worth mentioning. To find out what they are and what you can expect from them, consider the following: 

Help you prioritize the user experience

When you are talking about run speeds for sites, it is a given that users across different backgrounds will have a better experience with your business. It allows them to browse your landing page faster, register for any promotional newsletters, and promote your branded items on social media. As a result, you can expect to generate more traffic and boost scalability for your operations effectively, even if you just launched your site with a VPS hosting already prepared. 

The benefits of faster run speeds are better illustrated by Google, which reiterated that having faster sites allows Internet users, especially as their internal studies find that slow-loading sites garner fewer visitors. Additionally, Google also has tools for online businesses like yours to inspect your website and find means to improve page loading times. 

For instance, through Google Analytics, you can go for Page Size, Lookup, and Page Load Time, which all significantly contribute to your site’s run speed. Thus, ensure you utilize these tools and get a secure VPS hosting provider to keep healthy user engagement going. 

Provide means to generate online revenue

Since you are increasing your business website’s capacity to house more applications through a VPS hosting provider, you can expect a better mechanism for online transactions, presentation of goods and services digitized to entice customers, and an overall favorable experience for both the customer and business staff. In fact, it has even been discovered that sites that run slower than their competitors’ tend to lose revenue, even if there is just a second of difference in delay. 

According to the Aberdeen Group, if a site averages 100,000 dollars daily for revenue, just a second delay costs 2.5 million in sales yearly. In addition, these consumers will visit the competitors’ websites when their needs aren’t met. Unfortunately, one in five people won’t come back to the business site that failed to serve them. Thus, it should be part of your prerogative as the business owner to ensure your site’s run speed is optimized and stays consistent. 

Boost search engine rankings 

If you are familiar with online marketing, you may have heard of the term search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of enhancing your website’s average traffic from search engines. Since you are also competing against various businesses on multiple search engines, you have to find ways to outperform them, or in the case of SEO, outrank them in the search results. 

Through VPS hosting, your improved business site can take in more traffic while not overloading your backend. It means you can offer better user engagement. Search engine algorithms take note of this, compare you to other sites, and can put you higher on the results page. Remember though that ranking can change significantly over time, so it’s also important to remain consistent and scale your VPS hosting when necessary. 


As you can see, VPS hosting can greatly benefit your business site, even if we just focus on optimal run speeds. Thus, it is a worthwhile investment in your operations. Therefore, you have to ensure you get the appropriate hosting solution for your needs, current budget, and preferences. Ensure you get it by consulting with a reputable provider like us.

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