Changing the address of your Wordpress

It may come a time when you would need to change the domain on which Wordpress is hosted or the the location where it is installed and this tutorial would help you through the process.

The settings that need modifications can be found in the Dashboard, from the General Settings, or, the backend way, by altering the wp-config.php file.

Wordpress & Site Address settings

Wordpress Address (WP_HOME) is the address that your visitors would type to reach your website and adjusting that would change the address your visitors use.

Site Address (WP_SITEURL) is the address where your Wordpress installation exists and can also be a subfolder of your website as well.

If you are able to access your dashboard, you can just update the settings regard the address there. However, sometimes, that might not be possible, needing you to update the wp-config.php to do so.

One feature of Wordpress that allows it to automatically detect the location is via the relocate function, To use it you would have to addrelocate flag to the first line of the wp-config.php file.


After this you need to go to you wp-login.php page, log into the dashboard and check if the fields for the address have been populated correctly by the RELOCATE flag.
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