Adding/Changing Admin User

When it comes to security, Wordpress is quite good at keeping intruders aways, but sometimes it can get more help by just changing the default username, making brute force attacks a lot more difficult.

Please note that before proceeding, it is advisable to back up your Wordpress site.

To change the default user we need to create a new one, give it administrator priviledges and then remove the old one:

  • Log into your Wordpress Dashboard
  • Go to Users -> Add New
  • After filling in the details, select the Administrator role for your new user and add the new user.
  • Log out of your dashboard
  • Log in again, but with the user you have just created
  • Go to Users, find your old admin account and delete it
  • When being asked about what to do with the admin's post, just attribute them to the new user created.
  • Now you have a new username, that took over all of the previous admin posts and that will be another security meansure for the website.

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