Clearing 3rd party plugin cache

If you have Wordpress, you most likely are having a caching system on it to help it speed up, but from time to time, you may need to clean that a bit, so that your Wordpress is running smoothly. Also, if you are working on your website, you might not see your changes right away, as the caching system pretty much takes an image of the website and serves that over and over again, without being able to show any recent changes that you might've made in the mean time.

If you cleared the cache in your browser and that didn't work (usually Settings/Tools -> Clear Browsing Data), you should go ahead and clear the ones in Wordpress as well. Most popular would be WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, so let's have a look at these two.

Clearing Cache in WP Super Cache

You would just need to visit Settings » WP Super Cache page and click on ‘Delete Cache’ button. Done!

Clearing Cache in W3 Total Cache

Just go over to Performance » Dashboard page and click on 'Empty all caches' button.

And that would be it. Simple and now you should be able to see the modifications you made to the website.

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