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We understand customers in China could have their assigned ip address blocked by the Great Firewall of China (GFW) which is mainly affecting VPN and proxy users. You can use a web based ping tool such as which have locations within China that can verify if your ip address is blocked by the GFW. Keep in mind that being blocked by the GFW is not something that we can control. However, there are some options available to you.

1. You can change the location of your server. If your server is located within the USA then you can change it to our Amsterdam location to see if that works. We can change the location of your server on request however please note we will not backup or migrate any data unless you have a managed server. You will need to backup and restore your data on the newly created server.

2. We can change your ip address. However, we do not recommend this as it will be a short term solution. The GFW will continue blocking your ip address eventually after the swap. There is a charge of $3 to change your ip address and we will guarantee it will work within China through the GFW at the time of the change. Any subsequent loss of connection due to GFW will not be our responsibility and a new ip change would be charged if requested. If you have a new server (within the first 7 days) and your ip is blocked, please contact us and we will change your ip at no charge. To request an ip address change  (servers older than 7 days) you can fill out the IP address change request form.

3. Change your VPN or proxy. While some VPN's may work for some users, it may not work for others. Some of the more common are shadowsocks and openvpn and can be actively filtered by the GFW. If these don't work for you, you should consider other options which are listed below.



ShadowsocksR (shadowsocks with additional obfuscation)



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