403 Forbidden Error Troubleshooting

While 403 Forbidden errors are not uncommon and sometimes normal, it does happen that they show a problem with your website or it's configuration. Usually it is quite simple to get rid of these errors and this would be the most common causes:

Incorrect permissions

If your folders or files have the wrong permissions, they would return a 403 error. Normally, folders would have 0755, files 0644, and these can be modified via FTP, file manager or SSH,

Index missing

If your index file is missing, either index.php or index.html, the server could return a 403 error. Adding one with the correct permissions should fix that.

Owner issue

If the file owner is different then the account owner, you will get the same 403 error, and that can be fixed by running the chown command to set it to the correct one.

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