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February 1, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

Windows VPS Hosting Plan: 4 Reasons You Should Get One

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Are you creating a personal blog or a business website soon? One of the things you need to look for is an excellent hosting company. 

There are different types of hosting services that you can get. If you want to save on cost, you can choose shared hosting—however, you will need to opt for dedicated hosting if you want better security. 

The option of VPS hosting combines the benefits of the two aforementioned hosting services. At usually a lower cost, this option will give you the exact mix of independence and control you would want from a hosting company.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting works like an independent server, but you will find the partitioned virtual servers inside it. It means you have privacy from your “neighbors” and a safely secured connection, yet your website is also granted flexibility over your resource limits.

The VPS hosting also comes with numerous service options, depending on the OS you use. This article will focus on the advantages of getting Windows VPS hosting, which is beneficial for those who utilize Windows technology.

Why Consider Windows VPS Hosting

1. You have dedicated resources

Remember when we mentioned that VPS hosting has its partitioned virtual servers? That helps improve the performance of your site against others. Sharing resources does not only affect your site’s security—but it also affects its performance too! This can lead to slow-downs and lags, which is definitely something that will hurt your desired revenue.

With Windows VPS hosting resources on your side, the high web traffic will not be a problem for your site’s performance. Everything will work smoothly, and everyone’s happiness and satisfaction are sure to be guaranteed.

2. A worthy investment

Hosting does not always come cheap, especially if you are after quality service. 

For a beginner, buying a dedicated hosting service may seem too much. However, investing in a shared hosting service and then deciding to change and upgrade into a better one after will also be time-consuming and a bit of a waste. 

Windows VPS hosting, on the other hand, lets you enjoy the middle ground of the two. It is the perfect hosting deal for starters who are eyeing expansion in the long run!

3. Better security services

Here is how a shared hosting plan works: multiple sites are under one host or server. When an unfortunate incident, such as malware infection, happens to one site under it, there is a high chance that the rest of the sites under the same host will also get infected. The same goes for data breach issues and other similar scenarios. 

VPS hosting will not let these situations happen. Because of the virtual server partitions, one user, including their data and apps, will never be in the same location as another user. Although all users share the same physical server, the partitions make it possible to increase your protection. If your site gets infected by malware, you will not affect other users, and vice versa. 

4. Especially designed for beginners

VPS hosting can be intimidating for people without background knowledge about how online technology works. Despite that, it is crucial to understand how it works, especially if you are a site owner. The good news is that Windows VPS hosting users will not see this as a problem because Windows-based servers’ interface is easy to recognize and understand. You do not have to be an expert to control your system. 

Some of the Windows VPS hosting you will encounter comes with full office control. You can add more software and design the setup however you like.


Web hosting is necessary for websites gaining popularity, currently expanding, and getting higher site traffic. If you are still contemplating what hosting package to invest in, consider getting Windows VPS hosting. It is a quality investment that offers increased security and full control that you will not usually see in others.

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