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February 21, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

What Makes VPS Hosting Beneficial for Your Website SEO?

vps hosting and seo

For a lot of companies and organizations, the first point of contact with potential customers is their website. This is particularly true nowadays, with everyone spending extended periods at home. With this in mind, your website needs to be able to have a wide reach. The best way of doing this is through the use of SEO (search engine optimization).

How does SEO help with the reach of your website?

The entire point of SEO is helping a website rank at the top of search engine algorithms. This is based on the use of relevant keywords. SEO is incredibly dynamic in nature, so website administrators are always striving to keep up. After website performance and speed became part of search engines’ algorithm for SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking, the focus shifted to optimizing a website’s loading time. Ideally, your website should be able to load in less than 3 seconds.

That said, a key part of the way a website’s fate is determined actually lies in its hosting plan. If you’re just starting out, and/or have a brand-new website, you probably want to get VPS hosting.

What makes VPS hosting important, and what is it in the first place?

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It creates several virtualized environments from one physical server. All of these virtual servers can connect to the host through the hypervisor, an application. Each individual server essentially imitates the dedicated server’s environment, with both working parallel to each other without interference. The performance and inflow of traffic from one website do not negatively affect the same server’s other websites. Your website will thrive in a good environment with excellent security and performance that’s much improved.

Here are some reasons why VPS hosting is beneficial for your website’s SEO:

  • Better uptime score – The standard way of measuring an uptime score is through percentage. Hosting providers typically guarantee a 99.9% uptime score. A website will only be down for around 8.8 hours in a year, or nearly 2 minutes a day at most. When a website often has downtime, its SERP rankings will suffer.
  • Greater security – VPS hosting gives you full root access to your server, which lets you customize and make the most of security features. This is because all of the environments have IP addresses that are uniquely their own.
  • Improved loading time – According to numerous sources, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, a huge amount of possible clients end up going elsewhere. VPS hosting offers website speed that’s far better compared to shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, where one website consuming a lot of resources slows others down, VPS hosting gives websites enough space to run without interfering with each other.
  • Upgrade convenience – It is easy to increase whatever resources you need with VPS. You can step up your SEO even more.


The VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a fantastic choice to make for your website. It’s particularly helpful for a website that needs a boost in its SEO (search engine optimization). There are several benefits, including a better uptime score and improved loading time.

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