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February 20, 2020 by Kiet Duong

MagicSpam Anti-Spam Protection

magicspam spam protection

The digital tsunami of spam emails is a huge nuisance to the internet. MagicSpam is an anti-spam software that is installed on the mail server blocking spam emails at the connection level.

How Does MagicSpam Anti-Spam Protection Work?

MagicSpams’s spam protection system works using the same underlying technology that both Telco’s and ISP’s use to protect their users from unwanted spam emails. The idea is to provide improved “zero-day protection” against trojans, malware, virus, and bots. It works by preventing spam email from getting through the SMTP layer using a method called Mail Server Profiling.

MagicSpam’s system relies on a combination of technologies. At its core is a sophisticated keyword recognition system that can tell the difference between mail sent en masse by bots and those posted by well-meaning humans which can protect up to 97% of spam. It can also learn from the remaining 3% of breaches and incorporate them into its learning regime making it less likely that similar spam will get through in the future.

MagicSpam prevents spam from ever making it to the email client interface and provides the user with a dashboard for monitoring spam with live stats in a graphical user interface.

For more information about MagicSpam visit www.iozoom.com/magicspam




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