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May 3, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

Keeping a Safety Net: The Value of WordPress Site Backups


Running a website is necessary for business owners to provide an avenue for their customers to engage with their company. For this reason, many companies invest in marketing channels that bring traffic to their website to generate greater customer engagement. However, there’s always a potential risk when dealing with digital platforms.

The value of having a digital safety net

It’s a business owner’s responsibility to protect the interest of their business against potential threats and inconveniences. For example, a retail store owner can protect his business’s assets by getting insurance for their material goods. This allows him to recover most of his losses during situations like break-ins, electrical fires, or other unavoidable accidents. Having a backup of your site provides a similar level of security to your company’s assets.

In this article, we’ll share three ways site backups become valuable habits for your business.

Prevents plugin update problems

Updating your WordPress websites can be tricky if you don’t save a current version when adjusting your themes, plugin updates, and other developmental changes. These site features can sometimes cause different problems for your site due to odd interactions with your layout. This can create difficulties in loading some elements or cause performance issues in accessing parts of your website. For this reason, you must perform a backup before approving any plugin or software update. Remember to note the update schedule of these add-ons so you can create a backup of your site beforehand.

Secures content and site updates

Active websites tend to have more frequent content and site updates, depending on the business’s nature. For example, a plumbing service won’t necessarily have regular additions of services offered by week. In contrast, an eCommerce website may have a new featured product every week. Additionally, both sites can publish content frequently to maintain customer engagement and efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It’s generally a safe option to perform a backup once before every site addition. If you have a consistently active website that produces new content daily, you’ll need to increase your frequency of scheduling backups. Remember that it’s better to perform backups instead of rewriting or reposting your site additions, especially if it interferes with your site’s user experience (UX) design. To avoid doing damage control, timely backups will be the safety net that secures your site’s old and new assets.

Protects user interaction

Your site can receive attacks from cyber threats that can compromise your valuable company data. This puts your customer’s personal information at risk, together with your business files. It’s a scenario that’s all too common with eCommerce websites.

If your business regularly engages with customers through contact forms, comments, and other engagements, you’ll need a more active solution to your backup needs. High-volume eCommerce stores use a real-time backup service to create restore points automatically. This prevents your business from inconveniencing your customers and prolonging their buyer’s journey.


There’s no such thing as being over prepared when you’re dealing with digital platforms. You can lose weeks and even months of progress instantly if you don’t have the right protection in place for your website. A viable solution to your site backup concerns is to find a reliable Web Hosting service. Besides giving you the proper bandwidth to run your WordPress site, they can also offer IT services to remedy your potential site concerns.

Subscribing to a reliable web hosting service will mitigate your risk of losing your company’s valuable assets. This is why our team at I/O Zoom is prepared to handle your website’s backup needs no matter the occasion. Contact us today and discover how secure Wordpress VPS hosting will be the best investment you’ll make.





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