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January 11, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

How to Best Decide Between a VPS or Dedicated Server

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One of the most common problems experienced by startup companies in the digital industry is an inability to meet the needs of greater demand. Server problems are not uncommon as a company struggles to grow. A surge in popularity is all well and good, but your web hosting needs to be up to snuff if you are to ride the waves of your newfound success. 

This does, however beg a rather technical question: should you go for a dedicated server or a VPS?

What is a VPS? 

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a one that is connected to the internet that replicates the functions and capabilities of a physical or real server. Often, it is used to share resources between users who use the same infrastructure; this just means that certain aspects of the server are allocated exclusively to the certain clients. 

Not to be confused with shared hosting, VPS does not allow dynamic sharing. Each user has assigned quotas.

Some advantages of a VPS are:

  • It is less costly than a physical or real server
  • The resources are easily-scaled; all a user needs to do is to send in a request
  • A lot of the maintenance and management are outsourced to the provider
  • The data is generally secure both online and physically.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server refers to a physically-located system. This often means web hosting, but it can also be used for a number of online digital services. Essentially, a dedicated server is a machine dedicated solely for your use and is not to be shared with other customers.

This option is best suited for companies experiencing high traffic and high demands. Advanced developers and rapidly-growing tech conglomerates will eventually need a dedicated server of their own. 

Some other advantages include:

  • Greater speeds than virtual servers
  • Shorter response and loading times
  • Enhanced capacity for configuration and customization
  • Fewer limits imposed by servers
  • Efficient internal maintenance by providers.

Which should I choose?

The first thing to consider when choosing between a VPS and a dedicated server is your needs. Can you make accurate predictions about the growth of activity on your website? Can you afford more expensive solutions? How long can you expect to make a return on either investment? These are just some of the questions you need to ask before you can make a decision. 

If you are still small and gradually working your way up, it might be better to rely on a VPS for a while. Just make sure you understand the rate of your growth so that you can speak to your provider about your web hosting needs. What’s important is to anticipate user demand before it results in a crash, lest the consumer become disgruntled by your service. 

A dedicated server is for the day your needs become intense. By this point, you should be making enough to shoulder the costs and growth. That way, you would not be spending on expenses unnecessarily too early on in your business. 

Final thoughts

This decision is one among many you’ll have to make as a rising entrepreneur, but it is certainly an important one that needs careful consideration. So long as you understand your needs and your customers, you should be able to make the right choice about your web hosting needs.

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