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September 28, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

How the Right Web Host Helps Your Business Grow

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When you’ve created a website for your business, you’re likely concerned about optimizing it to attract as much of your target audience as possible. Sometimes, you might be too focused on the digital marketing aspects of it and end up neglecting the quality of your hosting company. Maybe it was the cheapest one you’ve found, or it’s one you’ve used for a while and don’t feel the need to switch. 

However, hosting companies have more to do with your business than you think. Since your website is one of the most integral components for your company’s success, you’ll have to make sure it’s stable and secure. A website needs hosting to operate, and the right hosting can help your business access growth opportunities. Here’s what you need to know about having the right web hosting:

A Home for Your Website

Your website is more than just a marketing tool for your business. It holds everything your customers need to know about your services, products, and values. It’s also what helps them convert and engage with your company. As your website is like a digital house for your enterprise, it needs a strong foundation to remain steady and secure. 

With the right hosting, you’ll protect your website from any external threats. This security is essential to preventing downtime, which can cost your business several potential customers and visitors. The right hosting also helps your website load at a proper time. Most users nowadays are turned off by slow loading times, and if they have to wait for more than a few seconds, they’ll quickly exit out of your page.

If your website can’t support your online traffic because of poor hosting service, it will cost you more business opportunities than you realize.

What You Need for Good Hosting

The right web host is essential for helping your company reach as many customers as possible, but you may not know what exactly a good web host is. You’ll have to look for four key factors: support, stability, security, and service.

Security is a vital factor in a website. Less secure hosting companies are susceptible to hacks and cyberattacks, which will leave your website vulnerable. You’ll also experience downtime, which will prevent your customers from accessing information about you. Ensure that the hosting company offers a distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, as these types of attacks are widespread.

Support distinguishes a good hosting company from an excellent one. If you have access to your web host’s support at every hour of every day of the week and through multiple channels, that’s a good sign. Service is similar in this way, although it concerns the web host’s approach to its clients. If they treat you as a person instead of a source for more money, that’s a quality of a top-tier web hosting company. 

Stability is another way to approach uptime or downtime. A hosting company that offers stability can guarantee you near-constant uptime at 99.99%. Anything less can lead to more downtime that can harm your business.

Options to Consider

Maximizing your business’s growth is essential, and you can achieve that with the right web host. Choose a hosting company that offers multiple shared hosting packages, numerous dedicated server hosting levels, and several levels of virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Since you’ll have access to different packages, you can grow at your own pace and downgrade or upgrade as you see fit. 


Choosing the right web host for your company will put your business in the environment it needs to thrive. Otherwise, the wrong host can lead to catastrophic problems that are costly to resolve. Now that you know the qualities of the right web host and how it helps your business grow, you’re one step closer to achieving the success you’ve envisioned.

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