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September 13, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

The Best Email Security Practices to Protect Your Company

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Countless security threats prevail in the digital world today, making it difficult to trust any content or message that happens to come your way. You may have your family, friends, and colleagues as your primary contacts, but hackers and scammers do not just operate on one person. You can quickly become a target simply because your contacts have been targeted, and vice versa. 

When dealing with a single target, they will go through the accounts of multiple people just to get what they want, even if you happen to be their end goal. It may never be enough to have your account within reach of your private circle in such a case. No, there are still other ways to ensure the security of your emails.

While people commonly rely on the effectiveness of their antivirus software, other workarounds may also provide that airtight defense against phishing and viruses. If you want to know these different methods, look no further than the recommendations below.

Use Different Passwords with Different Accounts

One of the most basic security measures that people often ignore is utilizing different passwords with various email addresses. Hackers tend to succeed with their scams because they have easy access to their victim’s multiple online accounts, which is all made possible by a unifying password. 

No matter the reason, whether it’s laziness or forgetfulness, people tend to use only one type that puts their emails at many risks. Do not make that very same mistake and use multiple password combinations. 

Avoid Clicking on Any Suspicious Emails

Phishing is the method of gathering unsuspecting people’s private information through fake messages. They are usually known as spam, and they are normally presented as promotional materials or warning letters informing about a possible infringement on your past utility bills. 

If you happen to receive one in your email, immediately block the source address and dispose of the message from your inbox. This method usually targets older victims who do not have much experience with technology. If you do not belong in that category yet still received one, chances are the scammer was just randomly sending out the spam mail. 

Nonetheless, you must still be cautious, especially when spam messages are being delivered and presented uniquely, making them look like legitimate emails.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

This is probably one of the most innovative ways to secure your accounts. You will be given a chance to authenticate your identity before you can even access your emails. Instead of just typing in your passwords on your computer, you will also be required to type in the unique code sent to your mobile phone. 

Hackers will have a tough time with this since they do not even have access to your phone and text messages, giving you the freedom to read all of your messages without having to worry about any security risk.


Some of the best email practices today are very simple to do, especially if you know how security breaches online can be circumnavigated. 

Yes, there are many risks nowadays that tend to put everyone’s information up for grabs by scammers due to their relentless phishing and spamming, but they are only able to do all of that because of an account owner’s lack of care and caution towards their details. 

Do not make the same mistake and follow the tips above to protect all your important emails and private accounts.

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