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February 24, 2021 by Kiet Duong

cPanel WordPress Toolkit Launch

cpanel wordpress toolkiet

WordPress is one of the best tools for building and operating websites, and the software is being enhanced multiple times a year through great add-ons and third-party developer improvements.

A great new enhancement to WordPress has just been released from cPanel, called WordPress Toolkit. This new add-on allows users to manage and augment their WordPress websites with greater ease and transparency than ever before.

The software is feature-rich and allows for the installation, configuration, and management of any website which has been built using WordPress software. cPanel is also offering a free version of Toolkit called Toolkit Lite, as well as Toolkit Deluxe, a paid upgrade which boats advanced features and smarter functionality.

WordPress Toolkit is designed to improve the function and management of all components of WordPress sites, such as themes, plugins, and passwords. It streamlines installation processes by allowing users to create theme and plugin sets which can be installed with one simple click of a mouse, saving hours of hassle and energy.

In addition, Toolkit allows WordPress sites to enter “maintenance mode” displaying custom messages to visitors while key components of the site are backed up and debugged.

Lite and Deluxe Versions

WordPress Toolkit Lite comes with admin and database management capabilities, along with search engine index management, single sign-on functionality, and automatic security hardening.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe includes plugin and theme set management, staging and cloning functionality, mass automatic updates, and advanced security features. Deluxe also gives users the ability to stage, clone, sync, update, copy, and migrate resources in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Whichever version is right for you, Toolkit is the end-all be-all in WordPress management solutions. It’s never been easier to operate and perform maintenance on sites which have been built with WordPress software, thanks to WordPress Toolkit from cPanel.

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